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Goodbye December 2005

DREAMS: December 22, 2005

9 more days ;P

late night ramblings

POETRY: Thank you

Why no posts lately?

What am I thankful for?

Hellooo out there. Happy Thanksgiving.

DREAMS: What do Bees, Corn and Jesus have in common?

Crappy Cold

Testing testing... :(

I'm back ;)

The Guys' Rules.....

Card Readings

Chilling Out

Day 4 - The Back :)

POETRY: In My Dreams

School Day 3 - Rubbing Feet

Origin of "Laying on of Hands"

My First Day of Massage School

POETRY: School Stinks

POETRY: My Prayer

Back to School

DREAM: Dimensional Rift

Campbells.. mmm mmm good

UFO Rapture?

Toilet Inspiration

Dream of Energy Crisis / Death of Jessica Lynch

Happy Birthday Katelyn & New Photos

Hurricane Manipulation?

DREAM: Japan next?

Swaziland’s 13th wife?

Night Visitors

Starseed Characteristics


Getting ready :)

Visit from Fairies?

Birth and Death

Happy Birthday and more :)



POETRY: Everyday