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Happy Haunted Holidays

After my wife left for work this evening, I was in my bedroom and turned on our small television. My son was with me. After a minute or two the TV would turn itself off. It did this about 6 times until we got spooked and left the room ( it has not repeated this since ) I then made my daughter some tomato soup. I placed the bowl on the table and turned to get some crackers. As I was doing so, I sware I heard the bowl move. I turned around to see the bowl of soup hanging over the edge of the table almost ready to fall. I went over to the table and moved it back to the center of the table, as soon I did so the bowl of soup moved across the table right in front of my eyes. I said "shit now thats some scary soup" It then did it third time in front of me again. I picked the bowl of soup up and could not understand what was causing it. I put it down for my daughter to eat and it never did it again. Todd


Abracadabra I thought I would share a cute, but shocking experience my family had this evening. Around 6:20 power went out throughout the entire neighborhood, not sure what caused it since it was not storming (perhaps a car accident) The power was out for about an hour. My wife had me sit with the kids and tell stories of experiences I have had with angels. Around 7:40 my wife asked the kids to pray to God to get the lights back on. My 3 year old son Jacob then said, "Abracadabra, Please turn our power back on!" As he waved his arms. At that exact moment he closed his mouth, the power came back on like magic, major coincidence, but in our little world it appeared he had done it. He then said something to the terms of "We are very lucky, God listened to me." Jake thinks his little magic there brought the lights back on. Showing that we are part of God. We always seek outward for a God out there to bless us, when God is within. We have the power to change and create o

Happy Halloween

Last night we took the kids out for Trick or Treat, but did not stay out long, with all three kids being sick from colds, and they don't need a lot of candy anyway - been paying enough in dental lately. I changed my UO game server to Atlantean Dreams, loosely based on the lost continent of Atlantis. Tomorrow is Carrie's birthday, so if you want to email her a happy birthday send it to ;) We are selling our VHS children movies on Ebay, 5 days left, get em cheap if you collect movies. CLICK HERE for the auction.


Received this through automatic writing today: "The world is currently experiencing a major shift, in the pole and frequency. Those who have already awakened, are now finding themselves in a state of slow motion, clouded minds and dormant abilities. While during this time, a second phase of people are being awakened, who are finding themselves more in tune with spirit, emotions, confusion, bewilderment and are preparing for a great change. At the climax of this frequency shift, things will begin to balance out, and the before and after effects will come in full turn. Those previously awakened will again be able to use their gifts, even more so, in so much that many will be able to leave their bodies at will. And even more people will be opened and know what really is going on."

They finally did it.

The conspiracy buffs have been talking about this for years, the funny thing is that people in the medical field were scoffing them and now they are doing it; and on top of that even admit its used for tracking. This is nothing new under the sun, been doing it since the 70s on human guinea pigs (under the guise of UFO abduction) , yea it was used in Dogs, but how they know it will work on humans unless they've been trying it already. For years Dr. Leir has been removing implants from abductees. Amazingly enough check out the recent photo from VeriChip's website compared to the images taken from people who claim to been abducted.VeriChip's photo of their chip (small rice sized tube with red hue inside) Now heres a link to pictures that are years old taken of chips taken from humans. Remember this is supposedly only supposed to be used in Dogs, so either way alie

Sin is Ignorance

Lately a Christian woman on my mailing list has been getting on my case claiming I am sucked in by new age (even if I were I don't believe it is wrong since it teaches love, light and unity- same core as Christ teachings) So many Christians focus on the teachings after he died, sin and his death on the cross, etc. instead of focusing on the words he spoke while he was living. Greatest commandment and he emphasized it over and over, was love, love your neighbor as yourself. Instead most Christians in the mainstream choose to ignore his most important words and focus on sin in everyone and everything, causing war after war, riot after riot, separation, laws against certain groups, and damnation for being born a certain way. She insists that sin is not ignorance. But I believe that is just what it is. Below is a good article that sums up pretty much my belief. Todd THE ONLY SIN IS IGNORANCE Mankind is tripartite. That is, we consist of spirit as well as mind and body. if this were