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Q & A : Intelligence and Spiritual Evolution

In RESPONSE to a question on a question regarding the Christian or rather Mormon doctrine that those people who are mentally challenged or handicapped, are highly evolved souls who are automatically protected from sin / granted immediate access to heaven etc. =============== I believe most of those doctrines are solely the creation of man to make people feel special, more or less politically correct spirituality. While every soul, and every intelligence, is not judged and the same unto God, to claim they must be highly evolved spiritual beings, because they are mentally challenged is a polite formality for not understanding their purpose in life. True, they may be highly evolved, and chose upon birth to inhabit a body that would have limited mental or physical capacity but for the most part this choice to do so is simply a learning experience for that soul / incarnation, as well most of them do it for karmic reasons / lessons as well. Quite simply in a previous mortality that