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PROSE: The One

Shock to the System aka Job from Hell

Poetry: Letting Go

Enough Deep Stuff

Life stinks right now

Fell at the Fairy Festival


Rainy Day

Spring is here again :)

Stage 4

I need to get out.

Dream: Return of MIBs

DREAM: Visit from Great-grandma


The Storm Came

A Storm is Coming?

DREAM: Pulling Teeth and Wasps

It's Here ;)

Am I a Twee Twit?

Intestinal Blues

DREAM: A new start?

The new couch may be more comfier than the bed ;)

Tax Return Season

Happy Birthday Ariel - I like the new hair ;)

Welcome to the Jungle

Dream : Corrupt Christian Minister

Woohoo I have a 95.7 grade average ;)