DREAM: A new start?

I could not sleep last night, but eventually passed out around 6am. I have been struggling for some time over issues with my marriage, and just when I felt strongly again it was getting better. All signs pointed to it spiritually and emotionally.

One dream I awoke from around 3am when Carrie woke me to show me the snow outside I am pretty sure was a past life experience with her, in which I died, its flashbacks I have had before.

The Dream
Carrie was somewhat royalty or from a well to do family, upper class, in a European country, the year I saw was around the 1400s, I saw the number 1490 floating in my vision. I was lower class, I am not sure what my profession was but I was among people and teaching them, perhaps I was clergy of some sort.

Carrie would stray from the norm of high class life and come out among the people and help them, often bringing baskets of food, clothing, money to the less fortunate, and she seemed to not judge those who were looked at as beggars or 'bane to the community' by her family.

She had genuine compassion for those people, and knew the risks, and while in my eye I poorly judged those above me. I did not trust the high class and often told people they were evil and did not care about us, until I saw Carrie helping those among us. Eventually she softened my heart and we fell in love.

The dream changes to her confessing to me just how severe things were and that her father had set her to an arranged marriage, that if she did not honor his and her families wishes she would be outcast from the people she loved and I would be arrested.

So toward the end of the dream I came into the chapel in which the marriage was taking place, and I said before her family and father that they are condemned for denying their daughter true love, and that I could not live without her, and I said "I am asking you now with your heart to make a choice, live with me and we can both be happy, or go with this arranged marriage and secretly live miserable for life."

To which she looked down and then looked at me and said "I love my family, and I can not be with you." To which her father then stood up and demanded my arrest for interupting the ceremony, and as the guards advanced me and my heart was broke I ran and jumped out a stain glass window, my spirit leaving my body before I hit the ground.

::End of Dream::

Second dream from around 7:30 AM.

Carrie and the kids and I were in the car, and I was driving, which is unusual since Carrie never lets me, but symbolically shows I am in control of a situation. We were driving through my old neighborhood in Kreamer, but we were on the way to look for a new house, a cheaper one to live. And Carrie said in the dream she was doing this for the good of everyone, and felt we would be happier in a new place, a new house with a new start and less financial worries.

The road was icy, and we got closer to my old house I grew up in, and the road became very icy and looked almost undrivable, but I managed to make it up the hill with little effort.

We stopped at our old house, and we saw a man out in the back yard, and he was carving some things out of wood. Off at the end of the yard I saw two gardens dried up, but being the winter obviously nothing would be growing, to the side of the yard were several cages full of rabbits. And the man greeted us and the kids asked if they could go see the bunnies. The man said "Rabbits are good luck and symbolic of abundance."

We sat and talked to the man a bit, and Carrie was telling him that I had lived there as a child. I came over and said yep "My parents had this house built, hows it holding up?" And he said "Very well, there's still some good soul to this house."

We talked awhile, I don't remember everything but we told him we were on our way to look at some homes for sale, that we were trying to start over. He commented that "You have beautiful happy children, I can tell they love you both, just make sure you make the right choice. A happy home starts with a happy marriage, good luck to both of you."

The man seemed familiar, and was very humble. Brown hair and glasses, and his clothing was also browns and tans, and a very down to earth person.

::End of Dream::


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