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Happy Birthday Ariel - I like the new hair ;)

Tomorrow Ariel will be 4 years old, but instead she looks younger. While I was at school yesterday, Ariel found some kid scissors in an art set and cut off big chunks of her wavy hair, which Carrie had to fix. I did not make a big deal out of it since we had all the scissors we knew about put away up high, so kids always seem to find stuff. Well besides that life altering event. I finished up my swedish full body course this week and start into Deep Tissue Massage already without a break in between. I am still not perfect on the full body yet but I still have straight A's - I got a 91 yesterday on my massage theory test, went out to lunch with all the girls from class and said goodbye to our swedish instructor. Jim is a nice guy and was a good instructor. I have a mild headache this morning, but the other day I had a whopper - Carrie climbed on my back risking my life or at least my mobility and popped some vertebrae and then pulled my neck into traction, though it was scary, it

Welcome to the Jungle

Here is my latest scene, a jungle scene. Just finished this last night. I think it turned out pretty good ;) Now to catch up on me since I have not posted in a couple days. I had my practical hands on exam for Swedish massage last week and got a 90% which is still an A average. There are some things I need to improve on yet, thats maintaining contact, making sure I communicate everything to the client. I need to see a chiropractor soon. All this massage has aggrivated something in my back, pinching a nerve and causing some nasty headaches and pain down my left arm and shoulders. So I hope I can get that taken care of soon so it does not interfere with my schooling. We start in deep tissue next week with a new instructor. We've actually had her before, I like her because she's into some of the spiritual / energy work type things. Ariel turns 4 years old at the end of the week. She wants a 'hitting thing' (pinata) for her birthday, so I will try to get her one of t

Dream : Corrupt Christian Minister

I was invited to this new christian church by one of the members, called God of our Fathers. When I went there the man from the pulpit in head of the church was at times a very manipulative / angry type person but most of the audience were smitten by his personality, charisma and teaching that they could not believe he could do any wrong. I had some how found out this man was using moneys from the tithing / donations for his own personal gains, and he came to me in secret and said if I planned on attending the meetings, I needed to pay my tithing or I would be cast out from among the true saints. After questioning him and providing evidence of his dishonesty he became very angry and stood at the pulpit trying to deface my name and get the other members to cast me out. I then had several people angry and forcing me out of the building but little did they know I had already contact the proper authorities, who at the same time came walking into the church showing their badges and took

Woohoo I have a 95.7 grade average ;)

Well I was worried about my latest test for two weeks because I could not remember jack squat about the landmarks on the skeletal system, even a few days before the test I got a 54 percent on our second landmark quiz. So before my test I did some positive mental reinforcement and "created my day" so to speak. I just kept telling myself I will do good on the test and I will pass it. I ended up getting a 99%, and would have gotten a 100 if I hadn't did something dumb on two of the questions, mistakes anyone could make. So I guess sometime in the hours before the test, the information finally absorbed in., I also was in a much better mood because my wife Carrie has been really good to me lately, so I don't care how 'co-dependent' it may sound, but she makes me a better person. My son Jacob has a birthday coming up this weekend, he will be 5 years old already, and he has a nice big transformer coming his way, the only present he will be getting since he just ha