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New Site Design and Life Changes

Last night I gave the front page of my website a more attractive design, with easier navigation. I plan on getting some more information on there, some of my older writings, my hobbies, and general info about me. It's rainy and cold outside today, so maybe I'll get some of that done. Well its the 4th year to the day that a close minded stake president excommunicated me from the LDS church, interesting that I just found the letter he sent me yesterday when cleaning out the garage. Also interesting at this time I am working on being re-baptised into the church. The reason given in the letter was "as a result of your persistent pattern of conduct, which is contrary to the laws and order of the Church." That's a rather vague reason to 'ex' a member. At my church court he said I was not being removed for any 'sins'. At the time I was teaching the gospel via a personal ministry website (which by the way is not contrary to any laws or order of the church)

Latest Dream "Hello there Enoch..."

Check out my latest dream at the URL below. Special highlight, a visit from Jesus?

3 Years Later...

After 3 years I finally saw my dad again, who had moved to North Carolina. It was the first time my youngest children met him. It was disappointing that he did not seem to have any plans of letting me know he was in town, I found out through the grapevine. So we drove to meet him and met with about 5 other relatives I had not seen in about 10 years, which oddly enough barely said hello to me, and reminded me why I am not close to any of them. Several of them asked if my kids saw their other grandparents, to which my wife replied 'all the time,' but then again their other grandparents make an effort to see them. My dad took us out for Chinese, then promised to come see us again on Wednesday at our house, but like usual did not show up - and didn't bother to visit my brother either. So it will probably be another couple years until he's seen again. We traded in both our vehicles recently to cut down on bills, so we now have a new 2005 Hyundai Elantra which is still a nic