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The Ghosts that Haunt Me - The Beginning

The Ghosts that Haunt Me "There's a skeleton in everybody's closet I can think of one or two in my own room But I would like to introduce them both to you You'd shake their boney hands and so dispel the gloom.." "..Cause you're so kind I know you would not mind You'd send away the ghosts that haunt me now.." ~Crash Test Dummies One of the more frightening chapters in my life, would have to be my own personal encounters which the paranormal.  While I have had experiences with visitations and spirits from beyond the veil of a more spiritual and loving nature. This is documenting more so strictly my experiences with ghosts, or disembodied energy while dreaming, and more importantly while fully awake.  Having an experience with a ghost, rather than with "spirit or clairvoyant" visitation, I believe are different, albeit, related. My experiences are not the norm.  They started when I was a young child.  I may