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Dream : The Meeting Place

I believe that in the dream state, perhaps between being fully asleep or awake, that we have the ability to in a way, leave our bodies, travel to another dimension in our mind-spirit, while the body in remains here. It is in this state that our deceased loved ones can visit more easily, or even at times we can travel to higher planes to meet with more evolved spirit beings. Last night / early morning was such an event. I found myself standing on a hill over look a valley near a home. On the road coming toward me drove a car, with my grandmother and her husband (both passed) They pulled up and we went inside the house which they referred to as the meeting place. I do not remember too much of our conversation other than casual greetings and asking how I was doing.  A few other people starting coming into the room.  A skinny man with grey hair who I recognized as my grandfather but I had never met him in real life as he died in 1972, 4 years before I was born. Had a drink in his