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My First Day of Massage School

I'm back from my first day of school. It seemed a little long, or perhaps I was just anxious to get home. Once we actually started doing things it was better. I'm just used to getting up a lot to take care of the kids. The first part of the day I tried to hang in there and pay attention, but my mind kept wandering thinking of Carrie and stuff. After I had lunch it went alright from there. I got along with the people well, during breaks I would talk to them. We learned about the history briefly of massage and then learned about chakras and the energy field around the body. The instructor claims she can sense or feel the field. And I really felt interest in that aspect since I have at times seen the chakra points, as well as feel the energy around people, and got tidbits of inspiration there as I was listening. I ended up being the guinea pig for being on the table while the instructor demonstrated sheet folding techniques and how to lay Supine and Prone, where to put the

POETRY: School Stinks

Well I have been up since 6am getting ready and yet my hair still isn't perfect but the best I can do. I'm getting nervous but that's normal I suppose. York Haven stinks, literally. Almost every day lately when I expect clean crisp autumn air I get nothing but this stink blowing in from some factory, wrote a poem about it, like to here it? Here it goes. What is that foul smell that blows in from the south Reminiscent of ass and someones meth mouth. I arise from my sleep to take in some fresh air but instead of big breath of old underwear. No amount of old spice will heal my nose glands Now is that dead cat or is it old ham? I'll try to survive my first day at school even though just outside it smells like a sespool. Later Todd

POETRY: My Prayer

My Prayer As I watched her walk away with no hug goodbye I fought back the hurt as I wanted to cry I've fought for her Lord I've gone through so much Do not I deserve just her simplest touch If you answer prayers which I know that you do Please give me the strength To see this trial through I long for that look of light in her eyes that truly was there or was it disguise Lord I don't know if I can go on another long road alone I'm scared and I'm sad because my path isn't shown I feel I have gone through enough as I look up at the skies wondering why I have lost the love I most prize I need reassurance My heart needs some faith My hand needs your guidance To get past all this wraith Please help me to find her and bring her back home for I know somewhere inside I'm not really alone I don't ask for much and give thanks for all things I just ask that you help take away my broken heart's sting. Todd

Back to School

Tomorrow I start my first day of massage therapy school. I'm anxious and nervous at the same time. This will be a totally new experience for me, as most of my life I have been shy. But this is what I felt led to do, and feel it will defintely help me open to people more, as well I've waited so long to help my wife with finances and I sure hope this opens a door to allow me to do that. I have had my wisdom teeth out for a week now, I did end up getting dry socket, with the nerve exposed and man did that hurt, worse than the actual infected tooth. It's feeling a lot better now, and thank goodness that clove oil they shoved in there is gone. Other than that I am stressed out. I don't want to get into it here in public forum but it couldn't have come at a worse time. I've been in the bathroom constantly, not fun. I feel each day like I am dying inside, just when there was a window of hope - and I was happier than I had been in a looong time. I don't know what to

DREAM: Dimensional Rift

Last night I dreamed of a world wide dimensional rift, that came in from space or appeared to come in from the sun that swept the whole earth or most of it. I was standing outside with a group of people, as they were talking about the news of a large mass heading toward earth from the sun. It seemed it was only a matter of minutes until it hit. I looked up into the sky and saw what looked like a large rippling mass of energy coming toward us. It reminded me of the time rift from Star Trek : Generations that took Captain Kirk into another dimension entirely controlled by thought (basically what the 4th dimension is) People were going into hiding, underground, feeling this would be there only protection if it was something radiocative, storing mass quantities of food and shoving people into caverns and cities. I also remember we had just been hit by several natural disasters in a row, parts of the planet were flooded, some of the major cities were in ruin or underwater, at least in pa

Campbells.. mmm mmm good

Yep that's about all I can eat right now. I had my last two wisdom teeth cut out today. I woke up sick and nauseated this morning. I'm not sure if it was nervousness or just a stomach bug, and as if didn't feel bad enough I had to take a valium on top of that. So I stumble into the operating chair, about 5 people scurrying around me asking me questions, then the last thing I remember is the doctor saying "Just close your eyes..." Then I remember seeing a man floating in front of me glowing gold, and he was in indian sitting posistion, reminded me of when Neo saw Seraph for the first time in the Matrix movies. Then I remember standing beside the doctors looking at them operating, asking the nurse to hand him a tool. I thought "Great I died getting my teeth out." But then I am being woken up being asked how I was feeling and it was all over. Could barely talk, as my whole mouth and jaw was numbed and packed, then I remember laying down in another roo

UFO Rapture?

Last night I had two UFO related dreams. The first dream my wife and kids were in what looked like a fancy hotel or resort type area. There were stores, walking areas, parks, pools, fountains, and even rides inside this place. It looked like daytime. I remember taking the kids over to one of those swing-go-round where it swings them in a circle. I then walked over to look out a large window and saw stars out of it. I then realized we were on board some sort of very large spacecraft. A man walked up to me and said "It's amazing isn't it." I said "What's that." He replied "That they seemingly fit something so large inside of a small space." I then heard my wife saying she had to "go really bad" bathroom I would guess, and we headed back to our room, with the door sliding open like one on Star Trek. She went to releive herself and I jumped on a bed, when I heard my son screaming he had to go pee, and I let him in but then I woke

Toilet Inspiration

Chicken Alfredo is the Devil! Why does everything tasty have to be hell later? Ate a lovely chicken alfredo ready bake meal tonite, but just ended up in pain and goosebumps from so much rest room breaks. I must have a bad reaction to soy, which is in margaines, mayonaise, alfredo sauce. :( There has been a weird sickness going around too with my neighbors, their kids and now my kids, which only seems to last a few hours, if even that, with what appears to be almost no warning signs or symptoms. Perhaps some tiredness afterwards. You will just be standing there, the kid is laughing and having fun or just talking then all of a sudden "blaughghghg..acckk...cough...gag." all over the place. As they have a confused look of terror on their face, like something out of a horror movie, then they feel good to go back to playing. It's like someone has a remote control, invisible and saying "Watch this, when I push this button, they start shooting chunks out their nose!&q

Dream of Energy Crisis / Death of Jessica Lynch

4am September 13th. I just woke up from this dream, interesting one, and scary at the same time. I was down at Rutter's (convenience store and gas station), not sure why, but I was down near the air pump, overlooking the highway / overpass area. I was looking up at the gas prices and saw them going higher. I remember talking to a woman who looked like a hitchhiker. She was carrying a dirty red duffle bag, and a man was with her who seemed to be a few fries short of a happy meal. We were talking about the energy crisis and the government's recent decision to conserve gas and electricity among other things. Now I remember, I must have been waiting in line. There were a lot of people on foot waiting to get small amounts of gas into cans, and they were giving out water in gallon jugs. It was nighttime. Had just gotten dark because I could still see a little bit of the sunset. When suddenly all the power everywhere shut down, could hear generators and hums quieting. Then

Happy Birthday Katelyn & New Photos

Our daughter Katie, turned 7 on September 2nd. We had a nice party for her on Monday with just about every kid on our street. They had fun and we had a delicious ice cream cake from Bruster's, the best stuff. Strawberry-cheesecake. :) As you see I am enjoying it in the picture. For more recent pictures go to We have plenty of hotdogs and drinks leftover to keep me fed for a month. I have to head to the doctor today for a physical for school. My impacted wisdom tooth is hurting bad again. I was up for over 2 hours in the middle of the night, and it hurt so bad it was bringing me to tears. It feels like chewing on tin foil and poking your nerve with a needle at the same time, and everytime I tried to ignore it, it just throbbed more. I eventually must have passed out from exhaustion. Seeing some weird stuff lately. I was sitting here at the computer with my wife 3 evenings ago and saw a white human shaped figure about 3 foot high walk from the sta

Hurricane Manipulation?

There are some closeminded and judgemental folks out there that believe the storms and so forth are God's judgements upon people. I am a non judgemental person, and I believe in a loving creator who does not punish us. In my sentence I in no way meant that this was an event designed by "God" to punish anyone, in fact I have little tolerance myself to anyone who claims this was God's way of saying things are getting bad. I do not believe that. Perhaps I should have made it more clear, that during meditation before the storm hit, my spirit guides shown me that the path of the storm was being guided by "dark forces" with a specific purpose to hurt the economy, and send us into more imbalance. I was shown that H.A.A.R.P. had a hand in making the storm happen the way it did. I was also shown that good spiritual forces were working overtime to counteract this storm. I'm sure someone will think "Oh this is just another conspiracy theory, that we don

DREAM: Japan next?

I awoke crying from a dream the other morning as I watched as huge walls of water filled the streets of Japan, covering up everyone as they went about their daily lives. I am sure Japan has an early warning system, but even so, how many would not be able to make if off the islands in time?? How much it would further put our economy into the crapper if this happens. TOKYO : An extremely strong typhoon was churning toward Japan on Friday and was on course to hit the nation's main southern island next week, the meteorological agency said.

Swaziland’s 13th wife?

Sorry I just had to post this because it was the first news I read this morning and I found it to be a funny typo. This comes from MSNBC, go check it out before they catch the error they made. hehe LUDZIDZINI ROYAL VILLAGE, Swaziland - More than 50,000 bare-breasted virgins vied to "become the King of Swaziland’s 13th wife" on Monday in a ceremony which critics say ill befits a country with the world’s highest HIV/AIDS rate.