POETRY: My Prayer

My Prayer

As I watched her walk away
with no hug goodbye
I fought back the hurt
as I wanted to cry

I've fought for her Lord
I've gone through so much
Do not I deserve just
her simplest touch

If you answer prayers
which I know that you do
Please give me the strength
To see this trial through

I long for that look
of light in her eyes
that truly was there
or was it disguise

Lord I don't know if I can go on
another long road alone
I'm scared and I'm sad
because my path isn't shown

I feel I have gone through enough
as I look up at the skies
wondering why I have lost
the love I most prize

I need reassurance
My heart needs some faith
My hand needs your guidance
To get past all this wraith

Please help me to find her
and bring her back home
for I know somewhere inside
I'm not really alone

I don't ask for much
and give thanks for all things
I just ask that you help take away
my broken heart's sting.



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