My First Day of Massage School

I'm back from my first day of school. It seemed a little long, or perhaps I was just anxious to get home. Once we actually started doing things it was better. I'm just used to getting up a lot to take care of the kids. The first part of the day I tried to hang in there and pay attention, but my mind kept wandering thinking of Carrie and stuff. After I had lunch it went alright from there.

I got along with the people well, during breaks I would talk to them. We learned about the history briefly of massage and then learned about chakras and the energy field around the body. The instructor claims she can sense or feel the field. And I really felt interest in that aspect since I have at times seen the chakra points, as well as feel the energy around people, and got tidbits of inspiration there as I was listening.

I ended up being the guinea pig for being on the table while the instructor demonstrated sheet folding techniques and how to lay Supine and Prone, where to put the bolster (pillow) and where not to tuck the sheets in the gludial divide ;)

At the end they briefly practiced sitting massage in which another student practiced on me and totally relaxed me, also made me feel better, although at some points she pressed a little hard but shes new so I didn't whine. Overall I enjoyed it there, the actual reading, lecture part gets dull but at least I remembered most of it, but we haven't got to the hard stuff yet.

Well I gotta go put some laundry away, I've been cleaning plenty but running behind on the putting it away, shame on me.



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