Some new whacko out there named Terr-ill has been sending his self righteous garbage on the mailing lists I subscribe to. He wrote me this morning.


Do with what you will, this will be my last post to you. This comes from the Lord.

To Todd Jumper:
Thus saith the Lord, you shall have no other gods before me, and you have placed your own heart above me, and I am not well pleased, but am angered at your wickedness and do cut you off from before my face, that you have no place in my will or with me, save you repent, and my
arms are open to receive you, but you will not, and I will cause a plague to come upon your house holds save you repent and remember my name, even Jehovah, which is Jesus Christ, amen.

Feel free to send spam his way.


  1. Okay, that was really hard to read and understand...can someone sum that up in a nutshell?? Too much to read and it just kept going and going and going.....thanks.

  2. Yes here it is in a nutshell.

    Terril claims to be the Holy Ghost. Anyone who speaks up to Terril or disagrees with him turns into a cursed son of perdition.

    Yet Terril is allowed to call himself "dumb" So he speaks against himself, the holy Ghost, therefore according to him, the holy Ghost is now damned for eternity and we are all screwed.

  3. I know where this guys lives. I can send you a picture of his hovel if you like.

    He has 2 wives, and did the right thing by setting his second wife up on state welfare. If he was so tight with god, you'd think he'd ooze gold...

    He's working on his 3rd wife. Let me break him down for you.

    He was born in 1966, lived in colorado. Has 4 or more kids from 2 failed marriages.

    He started a computer repair business, semi successful. Bought BIG BIG things for himself. Big boat, big trailer, big truck, etc... This guy BRAGGED about himself so much... It was painful to listen to.

    He pissed it all away by running his business so poorly. Nearly eveything he had was repo'ed.

    SO? How does a man with such a BIG ego impress people with nothing? Something went wrong in his head, how could he be nothing? It's just not possible!!?? Oh, I see now... I'm the Holy Ghost in the Flesh. That's a spin that's never been taken.

    And now he impresses by using fear and promises on the stupid and infirm.

    It's been told that he's immortal. He can't be hurt. I'd knock him out, but I'm SURE he'd sue... So if someone has little to lose, punch him.

    When he was excommunicated he said the lord was in there with him and that everyone in the room turned away from the lord. I'm sorry, but there are good people in that room, and if even a shred of divine insperation was in that room, someone would have walked out with him. No one but Geo-dy did...

    He's a get rich quick guy. A grifter. This is his best gig yet. And he'll milk it for a number of years until the 'end of days' comes around, then BAM!! James town all over again.

    He's backed himself into a hole with this scam, so it will have to end badly, if not for him then for his followers.

    People actually pay him money (er... tithing...)

    Last but not least, Geody follows him around the internet praising him at every turn.

  4. Geody and Terrill are co-conspirators, or is that founders ;+) of the Church of the Firstborn

    They are interesting people. I attended with them at their spring conference this year. It was held in a tent in their back yard.

    It was interesting, the feeling there. Because this is anonymous, I'll say that I have received some very noble blessings at the hands of Christ (not to suggest anyone in The Church of the Firstborn)--I mean literally. I went away from The Church of the Firstborn, musing how much that sounded like Joseph Smith's ploy, thus how easy it will be to "get" semi-apostates from the LDS church, looking for "true revelations" from the Lord, in their meetings and don't see them, because that isn't the 'program' today.

    These brethren held a more "sacred" meeting, after a general session, in which they discussed the temple ordinances, and gave additional signs and tokens, and clarified and set straight that which has been given to the LDS. It was fun watching the interaction between the people, who are mostly family members of Terrill and Geody. Geody came up to me and "bore his testimony" of how he began "hearing" the voice of God--it was an audible voice in his father's food-storage room.

    These brethren are doing some things they believe to be true. Is it true? Does it matter? Some believe it is, some believe it isn't. Some believe the LDS church is the ONLY true church on the earth, some don't. There are condemnatory doctrines that bind people into such beliefs, and if they don't they are destined to hell or some other punishment. Where is the REAL truth? As one becomes willing to give up EVERYTHING to do God's will, they will find condemnations are dogmas are NOT God's salvation system, but a means to get men moving.

    I could see right through everything that was going on, and kept pleading with Father to tell me why I was sent to attend their meetings. Finally, on the trip down, on the last day I attended, I was given a message to deliver to Geody. I don't know why Geody would ever listen to me, and he probably didn't nevertheless I was sent to warn him to be cautious of the deceptions placed before him. Now, who am I to deliver a message to Geody, Terrill or any other man? I don't know--I just followed along, and hoped I did right and some good.

    The last thing I'd like to share here is that Jehovah is NOT Jesus Christ, as Terrill suggests, or Bruce R. McConkie for that matter. What's more important is Jehovah is YHWH, the same that is the LORD of Hosts--a god of destruction in the Old Testament--this YHWH is tied to the El Shaddai of Mt. Sinai. The "god" is indeed a god of destruction, wrath, revenge and anger--not the "God" I have had any interaction with, but a different "god". Now, lest I come off sounding like T and G with some sort of word of the Lord, I'll share that the ideas I shared here about YHWH, Jehovah and El Shaddai, are easy enough to find in the Hebrew. Lawrence Gardner "Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark" is the best lay explanation of the same, and proves some interesting reading to boot, of the same thing.

    Interested in some dialogue email me at iZion1 at gmail dot com

  5. Have you had any more info on Terill Dalton Or Geody?

  6. Terril and his friends still hang out on the mailing list below. He posts there from time to time and has not really changed much.

    David's Outcasts email addresses:
    Post message:

  7. More about these two guys is at where they have a multitude of new "translations" and revelations. A "complete list" is at:

    In this writing: they specifically claim that Elder Thomas S Monson will be the man of sin spoken of in 2 Thess 2

    "3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

    4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the [Salt Lake City?] temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. "

    But Elder Monson does not have good health, so if he dies before becoming the President of the church, these prophet will have missed one.


  8. Terrill has found his 3rd wife he is living with her.She is working and taking care of him and his brother Shawn and his wife Andrea,and as many of his family and friends as he can take there.
    They are very lazy people. He has broken up an entire family with his idiotic claims. I really don't know how anyone in their right mind can possibly believe what he says.

  9. How long has Terrill and Geody been leaders of the church of the first born. And some one said they had a picture of where they live. Can it be posted here?

  10. Terrill Raemon Dalton is about as much the Holy Ghost as The Easter Bunny. He's nothing more than a fat, freeloading, tithing stealing, cunning con-artist who needs to learn the difference between a "stake" and a "steak".

  11. Been years since I posted. But yes, I can put a picture of his house up.

    He was in Las Vegas for 1.5-2 years, if anyone knows what he was doing there, please fill in the gaps. May have been in Bullhead City as well.

    He's order all of his followers to SLC, Utah. Have them committed if they are considering the move.

  12. Picture is here:

  13. It'd have been nice if you could have posted my post, pointing to my site, strictly so there could be fairly real-time discussion concerning that half-baked cult.

    Your post hurt your image more than it did anything to Terrill or LDS folk in general.

    I'm not LDS but loose-cannon vollies won't help your cause.

    Shout if you want to continue the exchange in a civil manner.

  14. Invoking the law of consecration... Terrill has taken his 38 followers to Idaho, just south of Pocatello.

    He has told them in order to save thier families they they need to setup the commune.

    My wifes mother and father are selling thier house and giving the money to Terrill. These folks are in thier late 70's.

    If anyone has info on Terrill or Geody, please let me know.

  15. Last week the home of Terrill R. Dalton and Geody Harmon was raided for suspected child sex abuse.

    They are still planing for a June 30th move to the compound in Idaho.

    I commend the former member that turned them in. Additionally if you read the myspace blogs from his sister it tells a fairly dark tale.

  16. Terrill and clan have relocated to Pocatello, Idaho. They already are known by law enforcement, churches, CPS and others that his fat ass is not even aware of. But, they are and will continue to watch him. All of this could go away as quickly as it came. Terrill just needs to do one small thing and all will be called off. A few extra bucks a month of your "income" is not worth it. Is it Terrill?

  17. This post has generated so many phone calls to me over the years, emails etc. He is one shady character. I have had calls from husbands whos wives and children were taken in by Terril, families, cops, media and even the FBI!

    This is crazy. What in the hell is this man doing to attract so much negative attention. Even Jesus told us to not bring attention to ourselves, so by that means alone I find it disturbing.

  18. It is likely that Terrill and his followers are now planning a move to somewhere in Montana. There is no real information regarding this, but, over a few years, Dalton and Harman have both claimed that their move would be to Idaho, Montana and so forth until the reach Missouri to set up the "City of Zion".

    They are not a cult to be dealt with lightly. Authorities need to take serious the threats that may well exist.

    I would challenge anyone who claims that Dalton and his followers are harmless. Under Dalton's leadership and Harman's, there is much danger and especially so for the children.

  19. Already, Terrill and Geody are in Montana at a place that they have sought to buy in Montana. Right now, there are five acres. Also an apartment there.

    They are preparing things so that the others of their cult might go ahead and move to Montana.

  20. Yeah, they're in Montana. How do we get rid of them?

  21. Terrill and Geody have now commanded his followers that all of their possessions, income, food stamps, and all that they have be turned over to the cult. Further, they are living somewhere near Billings, Montana with the Ahlstroms living still on the property in Idaho while they are trying to sell that property.

    Terrill's father and his wife are planning to move to Billings sometime after the first of the year when their house sells in Grand Junction.

    It is becoming more and more apparent that Terrill further plans to avoid paying taxes on what the members give to him.

    If someone is able to find where exactly they are with the phone number, there is a phone number for Terrill.

  22. Goedy is in Montana, but not anywhere near Billings. But they seem to be split up. Some say Terrill is in AZ, possibly in Nevada.

    They told the indian tribe in Pocatello they were sent there to help them. God told them to. But what they failed to tell the local tribe is that the original plans to move to Rockland, ID. fell through and the reservation lot was quick plan B.

    I know much more than this, but because this website is also available to the cult, I am not going to share all the information.

    Terrill writes the future in his 'books of' but the future never turns out to be accurate in the least. The holy ghost doesn't have any idea of laws, permits, or building codes...

    Also, a core group of his 'followers' are becoming discontent and are leaking information to the authorities.

    Fun times.

  23. I don't think he would be able to use any welfare checks as those are now debit cards which only the person authorized can use. Just a matter of time before he runs out of places to hide. I say we ship em all off to an island or reservation, and will see if they can build Zion from scratch without bumming off tax free government money.

  24. Update:
    Terrill and Geody are still together in Montana. Terrill and Geody just have not had any meetings lately at least on the internet.

    Yes, a core group of their believers have now left and I got a gut feeling more are about to leave. It could appear that this group is about to fold up as things go further.

  25. Geody is 38 miles southwest of Billings, MT.

  26. I guess I will let Terrill finally defend himself on this blog. Here is what he has to say. Take it for what it is.

    That is precisely why it is for each to find him. NO ONE follows Terrill, though that is what many people think, and this because God caused me to form up a church, but nevertheless, no one follows me, for each in the Church of the Firstborn are responsible for themselves, for going to God and asking what is true and what is not.

    As to being falsely accused of many things, even upon this very list, which I am sure is why Todd was asked questions by the FBI, who even raided my home, with 20 + men all to find that all the accusations were false. And yet Todd and others will believe the men who are investigating. How many times did Joseph have the constable sent to him to watch him, to arrest him and, to take him to prison?

    It is no different here, for when ever you have truth coming forth, Satan causes those who are not of God to believe a lie, to falsely accuse those teaching the truth. Now many people put me down for stating the truth, even the truth that when ever truth has been given, no matter where it was in the history of the world, people came against it, for all the prophets have been persecuted, and even Jesus Christ, the most perfect man who ever walked the earth was accused of many false things and he still is.

    It seems to me, that one wanted to find the truth, they would just have to look for the greatest persecution is going on, for often times, I do find that truth is in that very place.

    Just for the record, so that those on this list may know, There is a man whom I was his ex wife, whom I did marry as my wife, who has a son. Now this man for the past 8 years has done all that he can to take his son from his ex. She was LDS, yet, he told the courts that she belonged to a cult, and lived in a commune. This happened while she lived at home with her mom and dad. 4 years later, I came into the picture, and since I was a small group, he created many other lies and told the authorities these things, adding to his past accusations. This man is or has been a member of this list and has directly attacked me on this list, which is probably why Todd was questioned by the FBI, as Todd has claimed. Now when he attacked, I said nothing back, for I did not feel to add fuel to the fire.

    Now I have been investigated even more times then the one I speak of and yet am I not guilty of the things which they have tried to come against me with. I wont repeat all the things that has been said against me and others in the church, but I will say, they are of a most vile and ugly nature that anyone can be accused of.

    I guess that is why, only those who hearken unto the spirit of God shall know I am of God, and those who hearken unto the words of men will fall by the wayside, for they will believe the lies of these men over the truth of God. Remember the scriptures, for the adversary is the accuser of the saints who accuses them all the day long.

    You will notice that when ever I share my testimony, many come against me, and it happens over and over and over again. When ever any prophet in the scriptures spoke, men came against them, and it happened over and over and over again. The war is real, though not seen by most, for they only see that which God allows them to see, and thus they see not the devils, and angels who around us constantly fighting for us and against us. But because most on this earth do not follow God, but moreover follow the devils of the earth not knowing it, they are led to come against the true believers of God, and have done so ever since the beginning when the truth was revealed, and they will anytime the truth is revealed.

    Now how many will come against me in these words that I have written, watch and see, for they cannot help but to do so….


  27. geody harman is livin in fromberg montana!!!!!!!!! should my small community be afraid ?????

  28. Only if your community is "small minded" they are only guilty of deceiving the gullible, other than all the rumors, I doubt they are physically dangerous. I have seen pictures of both Terrill and Geody. How they attract women I do not know. lol

  29. It is on record in Utah that a number of neighbors who lived around terrill had occassions where the children would tell them horror stories about things which went on in their church. But I guess that he does not admit to that either.

    It is no surprise that a number of cult leaders hate to admit different things and admit it when they are found to be in the wrong. Perhaps this is why terrill michael and geody all get along so well because they are all three loving their teachings.

    I read many of their words and they are all against what I have found in the Bible. But they do not see that. Oh well, time will prove me right---that they are all cult leaders who love to steal money and require that their membership give to them all of their money and all of their food stamps. Oh and yes, why is it that michael stayed in utah? so he can be a front for them--so that all the mail can go to him instead of anyone knowing their real address.

  30. Ah terrill and geody are in the same house in montana. they are both holding services together and both families still thrive off of his followers.

    can anyone be so guillable to believe this nut? yet there are those who do.

    terrill commutes to idaho for some sort of work. what that is i do not know.

    michael was seen a couple weeks ago standing in a park in salt lake city trying to sell the crap that terrill and geody preaches. i am sad for them.

  31. I respect that they believe in their beliefs enough to dedicate their lives to it. Perhaps they are in it for the money?

    They seem to be just as poor as anyone else I know, I drive a nicer car than any of them.

    As for most of what people say, its just heresay, everyone who comes forward remains anonymous, no one has given me proven facts yet, which in that sense makes Terrill look better.

    You know where they are and supposely what is going on inside their houses but you do not even know what he does for a living?

  32. "You know where they are and supposely what is going on inside their houses but you do not even know what he does for a living?"

    He had to get a job, he'd been sitting on his ass too long. He's actually doing honest work for the first time in 6 years. He's installing electronics in peoples homes.

    Todd, Both Terrill and Geody have commited crimes. They just haven't been caught yet. They will be judged by man first, and then by god later.

    Mark these words, the church of the first born and the general assembly blah blah will be a foot note in 2 years time.

    P.S. Michael Stephens isn't with the cult. He's no front-man. He is however trying to promote his own religion/church.

  33. Which church might that be and his name is not stephens. My name is michael stevenson. So if you are going to get it right, find out first. And as far as what you are saying about promoting my own church----tell me what it is so that I can know then we both will be knowledgeable.

  34. Some new information has finally come to light. Geody was arrested on August 18, 2010 and an arrest warrant issued for Terrill's arrest according to the Salt Lake Tribune because a 15-year old girl finally came forward. I am assuming she might be one of Terrill's daughters but I do not want to say for sure.


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