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PROSE: The One

This goes out to the Universe and to anyone, I come from a dimension other than this, a place of love where there are no hurts or or distress. I was, am a being of light with nothing but my hand and my heart to offer you in times of plight. I know I've been down and self-burdened a lot but all I want is for life to give me some comfort and to enjoy the little things and the only family I got. I feel alone in this world, and misunderstood, and I seem to have lost the one who I always knew could, make me smile, and make me feel important. All I want is for someone to understand who I am to accept me for that, and not to be selfish but for me to be their focus. I don't have much in physical means to offer, but I have all the love in my heart, that I will always be there no matter what. I want happiness for myself and my children, to be good dad and raise them in a God loving home. I wanted my soul mate to raise them with me, but perhaps I should have not asked for her, because the

Shock to the System aka Job from Hell

I've started on my second week of my new job at FedEx, I don't know what I was thinking signing up there other than the $11 an hour on my mind, and I wanted people to be proud of me that I finally got out an got work, but I'm close to saying screw them. Everyone I talked to beforehand said the job was really hard and didn't recommend I do it if I am not used to the labor. But I did it anyway. I've lost 5 pounds in the past 3-4 days, probably mostly sweat. They have me working on 4 trucks bouncing back and forth at the same time, and all the belts / chutes trucks are all backed up like crazy, and most of the time I am by myself when I thought I was supposed to have someone work with me, but the dock manager took all the guys down to other trucks that were too busy. So Monday I ended up with chest pains into my hands, my mouth, head began hurting, I got dizzy and almost passed out twice. Kept loosing my footing. By 8 Pm I could barely lift anything my arms wouldn'

Poetry: Letting Go

I want to be the one to stroke your hair to touch your face but I can no longer be that one to wipe your tears in this time and place. I want to be there to pick you up to end your pain to keep you warm through the coldest rain but I just seem to cause you more harm that I cannot explain I must let you go to fix your dreams I must let you go to heal this sting that my selfish words have caused and my ignorance brings I must let you go to heal your heart I must let you go to set you free or it will tear us apart and I don't believe that is to be I must let you go so I can grow and find my strength and perhaps I will find a greater purpose behind all this angst I feel like I am losing my closest friend so I must let you go before that ends. I can not destroy you or myself, but must be apart so we can mend. So I must let go and move on to save me and you. even though the future is not certain I must trust myself and