Poetry: Letting Go

I want to be the one
to stroke your hair
to touch your face
but I can no longer
be that one to wipe your tears
in this time and place.
I want to be there
to pick you up
to end your pain
to keep you warm
through the coldest rain
but I just seem to cause
you more harm that I cannot explain
I must let you go
to fix your dreams
I must let you go
to heal this sting
that my selfish words have caused
and my ignorance brings
I must let you go
to heal your heart
I must let you go
to set you free
or it will tear us apart
and I don't believe that is to be
I must let you go
so I can grow
and find my strength
and perhaps I will
find a greater purpose
behind all this angst
I feel like I am losing
my closest friend
so I must let you go
before that ends.
I can not destroy you
or myself, but must be
apart so we can mend.
So I must let go
and move on to save me and you.
even though the future is not certain
I must trust myself and God again
that he will see us through.
If I truly love you
as I do, more than anything.
Then I will let you go
and hope for you that peace
and sanity it will bring.
As above, so below,
I feel now it is God's will
and in my best interest
to let you go.
Perhaps some day
I will regain your trust
and your faith in me
but for now I must
do as you ask
and set you free.


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