PROSE: The One

This goes out to the Universe and to anyone,

I come from a dimension other than this, a place of love
where there are no hurts or or distress.
I was, am a being of light with nothing but my hand
and my heart to offer you in times of plight.

I know I've been down and self-burdened a lot
but all I want is for life to give me some comfort
and to enjoy the little things and the only family I got.

I feel alone in this world,
and misunderstood, and I seem to have lost the one
who I always knew could, make me smile,
and make me feel important.

All I want is for someone to understand who I am
to accept me for that, and not to be selfish
but for me to be their focus.

I don't have much in physical means to offer,
but I have all the love in my heart,
that I will always be there no matter what.

I want happiness for myself and my children,
to be good dad and raise them in a God loving home.
I wanted my soul mate to raise them with me,
but perhaps I should have not asked for her,
because the pain has almost been the end of me.

But I will not give up, I am stronger than that,
I am here for a divine purpose and to help others.

I want someone who sees me for who I am,
and not some distorted negative illusion.
I am a good person, I am a good husband,
I am a good dad, and I have nothing but love to offer.
I love God and I love my family.

I am always willing to listen and hear
whatever you have to say, and to my best
give advice in anyway.

I want someone who needs me in their life
who wants a best friend.

A best friend will not ever tell you they
dont want to be with you.
A best friend will never put you down.
A best friend will never ask of you,
to do something that will cause you pain.
A best friend wouldn't ask you
to separate yourself from your children.

I feel not only have I lost the connection
to my true love, but my best friend as well.
Of which be assured times have been hard
but I feel I did not do anything to deserve
this pain or this loss.

I am not going anymore to ask why,
even though to anyone that is a common response.
Why do we lose a loved one out of the blue.
Why did my cat get hit by a car God?
Why did I lose my job?
Just things any NORMAL child would ask a loving God.
We all wonder why bad things happen to good people,
its the natural part of life.
I will not be made to feel like I am treating myself as a victim.
I am not! I am a being of light and love who has been rejected and mistreated.
It's only natural to be hurt, to not understand why people act the way they do.
It's only natural to have a hard time to get over someone you would truly die for,
who you would leave behind anything to save.

Anything I've done its been in love.

I want someone who wants to have a happy life
who is honest and true, compassionate, God loving,
who wants to be my equal and not try to have power over me,
who truly is my equal and not claiming I am lower than them.
I want someone who puts me and my kids first in their life,
someone who will raise them with me, not apart, but together.
Who has the same goals in life, to be a loving family.
Someone who is willing to rub my back after I rub theirs.
Who is not selfish, asking me to do everything for them,
but not offering anything in return. Even a TRUE friend,
would offer comfort when its needed.

I am so disappointed that I have lost my truest friend,
I ever had because of misconceptions in their mind,
Because they have felt other things were more important,
than raising a loving family together.

LOVE is simple, LOVE is EASY. Love is not selfishness.
When you truly love someone you look past their faults.
I want someone who can look past my faults, because,
I never willingly ever hurt another person,
and it pains me to know I supposedly hurt the one,
the one I took before God in heaven and earth,
to be with for eternity.
But everything that has a beginning has an end.

I will continue on, trying to hold my head high,
and let people see that I am strong,
and who truly is the weak one.
My kids are my life, and they grow so fast.
But I want someone to be there, to enjoy them
with me before that's over too.

I had what I wanted and asked for,
and God sent it to me.
I'm not going to ask why I seem to have lost it
when I need it most right now.

Because God knows what best
and through adversity we shine
Someday the one I want will see me
and remember who I really am.
And I won't judge her then.
I will welcome her home with open arms.


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