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The Promise

I finished this portrait this evening for a client's reading from Michele Livingston's website. . I will call this one "The Promise." Enjoy.

New Photos of the Kids

I have uploaded some new photos of my kids from June. They can be found at the following link or from my main site.

What gets the most attention in Priesthood Class?

Primary topic of discussion in Lewisberry Ward Sunday June 26, 2005: Home Teaching is taught 50-75 percent of the time. Today's lesson was on home teaching. Our ward's home teaching success / visiting rate 0-10 percent. The number of times I have seen a home teacher in the past 10 years. 0. The most mentioned keywords from the lesson. Home Teaching : Spoken 21 times. Satan : Spoken 13 times. Love : Spoken 3 times Jesus : Spoken 2 times (other than the closing prayer) So why is it when so much emphasis is placed on Home Teaching, that their program fails miserably? Perhaps its because the focus should be on Love and Jesus Christ, then everything else would come together. And talk about sin and Satan a lot less, for what is spoken of more is what is most on people's minds. For example one view a brother had is that he planned all week to go to the temple with his family, but by the time Saturday came, Satan had placed so many obstacles in the way during the week that

Batman Begins

My brother came by and treated me to a movie last night. Batman Begins :) I think we have seen every Batman movie together, even the cheesy ones. But this one was probably the best next to Tim Burton's original, and while I missed Danny Elfman's musical score from Burton's movies, this one was a more grown up film, and though they are pushing toys out the whazoo this it not a kids movie, at least the first half would probably be boring to my kids, and the second half probably scary since the Scarecrow villian's gas created some pretty demonic looking special effects. Batman himself even pulled it off as being scary while hiding and pulling the bad guys out of allies, and his angry voice that made them pee in their pants while he summoned bats all around him, I just hope future sequels are not toned down or a cheesy Robin storyline that ruined the first movies. This will probably be the only summer movie I see other than Fantastic Four, the Human Torch just sends ch

Online Gamers should NOT marry each other.

And this article is good reason why. Of course with any addiction, addictees should not be together. You need one stable wife to slap the husband away from the computer when they have been on too long. Not only were these people not ready to be parents, they do not have much of a life, that's a harsh judgement I know, but shows how dangerously addicting things can be to the mind. Abandoning the child was the first wrong move they made, and that only they should be required a year in parenting courses. I've been put through worse just for being falsely accused. CLICK HERE FOR THE SAD ARTICLE

In Loving Memory

Dedicating this post to my neigbhor's baby Joshua who passed away on Monday the 13th, he was 6 months and 12 days old. We are going to the viewing tonight, I am sure the emotions there will be overwhelming. Carrie wrote a nice poem for the family, based upon a mocking bird she saw that day that kept singing loudly across the street. Joshua's Song Mocking bird, singing songs, loud and strong, as if to say, I made it to Heaven today! Do not cry for I am not lost! although my joy came at a cost to you, my family. I am now free and soaring strong Can you hear it in my song? So, do not cry for me, I am above you all, loving you and flying free!

DREAM: Nothing new.

My ISP has been screwy for over a week and I have not been able to reach about 50% of the websites I visit; including my own site. Blogger is working today so at least I can update this ;) We went to see Star Wars Ep. 3 last weekend which was pretty good, but very dark. I got somewhat nauseated perhaps from all the dizzy camera work during space scenes, or when Anakin goes in to kill all the children Jedi, a lot of people thought that part was funny. I guess bad guys are always more entertaining. Carrie has been reading the book Love Without End : Jesus Speaks to me, which I feel is probably one of the best books to come out in a long time. It's based on conversations an artist had in 1992 when Jesus showed up to have her paint his portrait. I have had less desire to go to church since the last 3 times I went made me physically ill, and ruined my week afterwards. I started getting chest pains, and headaches. I seem to absorb everyone's guild / judgement that are around me