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Happy Haunted Holidays

After my wife left for work this evening, I was in my bedroom and turned on our small television. My son was with me. After a minute or two the TV would turn itself off. It did this about 6 times until we got spooked and left the room ( it has not repeated this since ) I then made my daughter some tomato soup. I placed the bowl on the table and turned to get some crackers. As I was doing so, I sware I heard the bowl move. I turned around to see the bowl of soup hanging over the edge of the table almost ready to fall. I went over to the table and moved it back to the center of the table, as soon I did so the bowl of soup moved across the table right in front of my eyes. I said "shit now thats some scary soup" It then did it third time in front of me again. I picked the bowl of soup up and could not understand what was causing it. I put it down for my daughter to eat and it never did it again. Todd