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POETRY: McMuffin

McMuffin I went to buy some breakfast, and had my items all laid out. I went to grab my wallet, and I then began to pout. For when I searched my pockets, Amiss was my debit card, And as I looked upon my food with hunger, I felt like a retard. So as I walked toward the door, a grumble in my belly and eyes toward the floor, A random man overheard my disgust and placed his hand on my shoulder and said if you must, share my food sir, I am glad to assist! and offered me an egg McMuffin, and said "I insist!" My luck had changed and as he walked away smiling, And I bit into the sandwich, to find a crunch so compelling. I said WTF! as I quickly bit in. What kind of freak, covers a McMuffin in onion! Damnit! By Todd Jumper