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POETRY: Everyday

Everyday Everyday She smiled at him as he looked blanky back Everyday she told him how much he meant but the shell just wouldn't crack Everyday She kissed his face but in return, an empty space Everyday She showed him love while he was vacant like a glove Everyday she longed for him Everyday she cried a little While everyday he died a little Everyday she sought his hand and tried so hard to understand just what to do and how to mend Everyday would never end Everyday is long enough Everyday is hard Everyday she prayed for him Everyday she reached for him Everyday is long enough Then everyday something changed It makes this world a little strange Everyday was long enough For he broke through, that shell so tough Now everyday he reaches out to find her heart that seems without Now everyday hes here for her But something fled that was so sure And everyday he cries at night and everyday he sees the light and everyday he tries his best to share this warmth inside his chest Everyday is lo

Forgive Me

Forgive Me I'm sorry for all the times I could have held you close or shared a smile I'm sorry for all the times I should have reached for you and stayed awhile I'm sorry for all the words that weren't said when I could have said I love you so, for keeping the little things in my head when I should have freely let them go. I'm sorry for all the days I let pass by the good ones and the bad for all the special ones I missed and how it made you sad I'm sorry for all the times you reached out as my fingers slipped away for all the times you held me but deep inside I stayed I'm sorry for all the heartache and unecessary tears for all the missed affection I took for granted through the years I'm sorry that you're not here to share this love I have to give but to know you might forgive me gives me hope again to live. I miss you. Todd

I Am Here...

I am here to understand, your needs and dreams, to hold your hand. I am here to chase your fears and hold you close, to wipe your tears. I am here to support your heart and keep connected, when we are apart. I am here for who you are. A love so dear, my shining star. I am here for you alone the way is clear the path is shown. I am here a guiding light, to embrace you through the darkest night. I am here always your friend to endure with you until the end. I am here when walls collapse and floods subside. I'll be there, right by your side. I am here because your heart reached to me. and found me at last, and set me free. I am here with a love so true. as my heart longs to hear, "Baby, I am here for you too." I love you Carrie. Eternally Yours, Todd 7-22-2005

My Omega

Goodnite my beloved Omega. Tomorrow is a new day. May the sparkle in your eyes never go out. Your smile warms my heart. Your smell soothes my soul. Your very presence brings me joy. You are love, you are beloved. May you be there another day with me, and may that day last an eternity. We are stars, that fell in love long ago. They need our light, and we must go. We saw our trials and knew the test, we knew we had to come to save the rest. We knew what may happen as we said goodbye. That day a sea of stars fell from the skies, But I knew some how some way some time. I would find my Omega again, And shine forth once more. As lover and friend. To become a sun, together one. Shining forever until time is done. If you must go, we'll pass again. For love is without end. I Love you my friend, I release you, and I trust you, and somehow, hope, will remember me again. And meet me on that bridge, that covers the gap of despair. To just hold you in my arms and breathe you like air. Omega my
A life journey portrait I finished this evening. Enjoy ;) 

Towel Heads

Recently I received a warning about the use of the above politically incorrect term. Please note: we all need to be more sensitive in our choice of words. I have been informed that the Islamic terrorists who hate our guts, our religion, our freedom and our way of life in general - and want to kill all of us for the greater glory of Allah - do not like to be called "Towel Heads". This is because the item they wear on their heads is not a towel but actually a small, folded sheet. Therefore, from this point forward you should only refer to them as "Little Sheet Heads." Thank you for your support and compliance on this delicate matter.

Movie Reviews

I just got done watching Spanglish, which was a good movie, more of chick flick. Adam Sandler did pretty good for doing a more serious type of role, for some reason he and my brother Tim are starting to look at lot alike, maybe its the chubby baby unshaven face look and the expressions and personallity. A mix of humility and anger at the same time. Although I didn't really like the ending though I understood the reason for it, I was hoping Adam Sandler would go running off with the hot mexican woman but stayed behind with crazy David Duchovny's (Tea Leoni) wife. Last night I got treated to 2 free movies. My neighbors Mike and Dave took me out to see Fantastic 4 and War of the Worlds. Both suffered from shallow plots, but War was a lot better. Fantastic Four had good effects but some of the lines were pretty cheesy and the sexual inunendos were not proper seeing how it was aimed toward a young audience. The most focused character was the Thing, who stole most of the movie.

Happy 4th

Happy 4th, or 5th whatever day it is, I think that's about how many Smirnoff Green Apples I had last night. Suprisingly I didn't get drunk just fell asleep. We went to my uncle's place where he had a couple friends and in-laws show up for food, swimming, drinks and some disfunctional fireworks, not only that, but so were the people setting them off. I was pretty quiet the whole time, did not really know anyone or have much of a desire to. This one couple I almost dread showing up, as they are always screaming or fighting or yelling at kids. The wife just would not stop screaming and shouting obscenitites at her husband because he did not look at a booboo she got from a smoke bomb that she inconsiderately lit right beside the porch where people are eating and babies are sleeping and stank everyone out, not just once but twice. Then later this same whiny baby of a woman took part in aiming roman candles at each other in which one shot right past my 6 year olds face. Another f