I Am Here...

I am here
to understand,
your needs and dreams,
to hold your hand.

I am here
to chase your fears
and hold you close,
to wipe your tears.

I am here
to support your heart
and keep connected,
when we are apart.

I am here
for who you are.
A love so dear,
my shining star.

I am here
for you alone
the way is clear
the path is shown.

I am here
a guiding light,
to embrace you through
the darkest night.

I am here
always your friend
to endure with you
until the end.

I am here
when walls collapse
and floods subside.
I'll be there,
right by your side.

I am here
because your heart reached to me.
and found me at last,
and set me free.

I am here
with a love so true.
as my heart longs to hear,
"Baby, I am here for you too."

I love you Carrie.

Eternally Yours,


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