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Locked Out

I was called up last minute to take my son and youngest daughter up to see the Halloween Parade that my oldest daughter would be playing clarinet in. It's a haul. I got to pick up my kids, my ex wife has not even 5 minutes to leave and get to work in the opposite direction. I unlock all the doors, leave the vehicle for 2 second and then suddenly all the doors for no explainable reason lock behind me with keys in the ignition and power running, music blasting... so we miss the parade and sat around the diner we were at for almost an hour. I wonder why things happen the way they do. If any lesson I learned is to have a spare key on hand located on my person or car, heck maybe I should even make you a spare key. I don't like that its about a 70 mile drive from my place up there... wish I could just hop on over and see kids during the week but don't know if that will happen any time soon You know that I would do anything for you and the kids and drop what I a

POETRY: I sit alone.

I sit alone. Wanting to be loved. Wanting to know to whom I belong. Praying to find the one, With whom I will grow strong. Within a dream, Among fields of green, A light shines down, and upon a breeze, I heard a voice. "she is the one." I stand on a hill, she walks up to me. Behind her are children, which I see three. She takes my hands, looks in my eyes. She says "I love you" Kisses me and I awake to cry. Within two days I receive a call out of the blue, and my heart is full of joy to hear her voice so true. I stand with her on a winters night she grins from ear to ear, her smile so bright. We are to have a child and it feels so right. Together we stand brought together by faith tested by time and trials to come. In the summer I profess my love and marry her undernearth the mid noon sun. I watch her by the water, with our little girl. My heart is full, knowing she is the one. Later that day. I look above to see a brigh

ARTWORK: Pokemon Milotic and Red Gyarados

This has been manipulated in PhotoShop some for lighting but I actually did this today in colored pencils, been awhile since I have drawn with pencil but turned out alright. I did this for a pokemon collector my daughter has traded with as a favor. Milotic and Redy Gyarados, hope I got the names right.

DREAM : Rainbow Trout

I had a dream last night I was helping my ex wife move into a new house by a lake. It seemed in the dream she was trying to repair our relationship or at least trying to get closer than we have been. Her dad showed up at one point outside a window and saw me, seemingly unhappy I was there, but left saying he would respect our privacy and come back later. Next I remember going outside to the lake, where there was a small beach which other people and children playing on the beach. Carrie told me to go down by the water and check on the kids. I walked up to a stream that was flowing into the lake, there were some small water falls in the stream. As I got closer I could see what appeared to be large Trout, rainbow trout perhaps, very colorful stripes of red, green and a little blue. They were trying to go up stream, jumping up the waterfalls and I could see most of them were laying their eggs and the eggs would wash down stream. The strange part was some of these fish would lose their tail

ARTWORK: New Parrot Painting

My oldest daughter created this today on the computer. Digitally painted with my Wacom artpad. I am finishing up a new piece of artwork myself and should have it later today. Todd

DREAM: Cat vs. Racoon

I had a dream of a grey striped cat, the cat could talk to me, The cat thought he was proud, the king of his yard. A racoon came walking into the yard. Where the cat said, watch this, I will kick this racoon's butt. A fight ensued. Soon after two bears came out of the woods, and pounced on both the cat and racoon that took off running toward train tracks. I ran over and chased off the bears to find my cat friend and the racoon lying dead. Felt as if the dream was telling me not to get involved in a fight or situation with someone, because a bigger enemy lay hiding in the shadows. The proud cat should have just mind its own business. Todd