DREAM : Rainbow Trout

I had a dream last night I was helping my ex wife move into a new house by a lake.

It seemed in the dream she was trying to repair our relationship or at least trying to get closer than we have been.

Her dad showed up at one point outside a window and saw me, seemingly unhappy I was there, but left saying he would respect our privacy and come back later.

Next I remember going outside to the lake, where there was a small beach which other people and children playing on the beach.

Carrie told me to go down by the water and check on the kids.

I walked up to a stream that was flowing into the lake, there were some small water falls in the stream.

As I got closer I could see what appeared to be large Trout, rainbow trout perhaps, very colorful stripes of red, green and a little blue.

They were trying to go up stream, jumping up the waterfalls and I could see most of them were laying their eggs and the eggs would wash down stream.

The strange part was some of these fish would lose their tails after laying eggs, and some of the fish had so many eggs that their stomachs and bodies were bursting open with eggs just gushing out of them.

Eggs, blood, and dead fish started washing down stream into where the children were swimming.

I ran down to tell the kids to get out of the water, not sure why, since its just fish.

I saw children picking up the dead fish and burying them in the sand.

The water where the children swam seemed to be glowing.

I then went back and sat down with my ex wife, where she had a picnic blanket prepared with food for me and the kids.

I then woke up from the dream coughing.

I am still recovering from a month long chest infection, bronchial problems.



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