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VISION: The New Trail of Tears

Artwork by Lorna Paquin Last evening I had what can only be explained as a vision. It was not a dream, as I was awake and could still see what was going on before me, it was more within my third eye but could see it with my physical eyes as well / or rather one scene overlapping my natural surroundings, seeing two things at the same time / or perhaps dreaming while awake. Around 2-3 in the morning I woke up to use the rest room, like normally its dark in my bedroom here. As soon as I sat up before my eyes I see a painting about 5 feet wide and 3 feet tall hovering in front of me. Above the painting I see the words "the new Trail of Tears." The painting at times seems alive as colors change, images move. Ok what I see is either the Rocky Mountains or the Cascade mountains in the background. In the foreground I see what appears to look like the mid west, with long wavy grains and smooth hills, along with dry parched desert to the sides. In forefront I see a line of peo