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Lights over the Sound

(The attached photos are not mine, but very close to what I saw, same color orange and same formations) Tonite I had a possible UFO experience but no camera on me to back it up.  Driving home to Anacortes, WA, looking south toward Camano island on the puget sound over the water. Having just left the Stanwood area, passing through the village of Conway, on Fir Island road, looking over the Skagit Bay.   (note there are small airports and an Naval Air base to the NorthWest nearby on Oak Harbor) Anyway it was dark and I had this feeling. I looked over to my left and saw two bright orange lights appear in the sky. Thinking not much of it since I always see planes in that direction coming at me. Then a third orange light appeared. Again thinking these are just possibly commercial flights coming in. As I tried to drive and watch at same time, the three bright lights lined up perfectly together. I then thought "hmm. this is looking more like possible flares." Sudden