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Abracadabra I thought I would share a cute, but shocking experience my family had this evening. Around 6:20 power went out throughout the entire neighborhood, not sure what caused it since it was not storming (perhaps a car accident) The power was out for about an hour. My wife had me sit with the kids and tell stories of experiences I have had with angels. Around 7:40 my wife asked the kids to pray to God to get the lights back on. My 3 year old son Jacob then said, "Abracadabra, Please turn our power back on!" As he waved his arms. At that exact moment he closed his mouth, the power came back on like magic, major coincidence, but in our little world it appeared he had done it. He then said something to the terms of "We are very lucky, God listened to me." Jake thinks his little magic there brought the lights back on. Showing that we are part of God. We always seek outward for a God out there to bless us, when God is within. We have the power to change and create o