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A Storm is Coming?

Yesterday I had one of the worst migraines I have had in a long time, the pain got so bad at one point I thought I was going to pass out until I asked for help from spirit, and then I tossed my lunch and some of the major pain subsided. It must be something still out of alighnment in my neck. I got an 83% on my first test for the muscular system, I at least hoped for an 80, as I studied more for this test than any of the others I got A's on. I've been hearing that those who choose to take tutoring are given advanced knowledge of what is going to be on the test which I find to be unfair / unethical, since we were not allowed to know which muscles would be on the test but those who were tutored did know, so its not fair that I had to study over 20 muscles for hours, when they knew exactly which ones to remember for the test after only 1 hour of tutorials, every other school I ever went to considered that cheating to know the test before taking it. It may just be my personal o

DREAM: Pulling Teeth and Wasps

Yesterday I came home from school early because Carrie caught a stomach virus, probably the same one Katie and I had last week, poor Carrie looked miserable ;( She is feeling better this morning though, that's good because I have to study and have my test tomorrow. I had a dream last night in which I experienced pain. I was at a hospital in the first part of my dream trying to find Carrie, as I was told she was still recovering in a room. My jaw started to hurt and a doctor noticed my pain, the doctor was George Clooney. He asked me to open my mouth to have a look and he said "Ah you have an abcessed tooth, I can take that out for you right now." So he numbed my jaw up and then pulled out the tooth which was quite disturbing as he struggled at it, and I could hear it cracking then there was a lot of blood. The next part of the dream I was at home, and it was Spring. The kids said mom was outside getting a wasp nest off the porch; and she wanted help. I said I was

It's Here ;)

Friday the new furniture arrived and is looking good. Everyone was happy and excited. Although Jacob has been a little too excited lately. He ran around Rutter's last night like an idiot when it was packed and spilled some poor lady's coffee. He's up playing at his friend's house this morning so that gives me some time to put some pictures on my blog. Then I gotta get back to cleaning up the kitchen and other things like studying. I have probably the hardest test yet coming up Thursday and need to memorize origins, insertions and actions of muscles, sounds fun eh? I had a weird dream last night of everything coming alive and chasing people, and me, trees, fences, pets, toys. The mutant sunflowers almost got me though as I made my way up over a fence. I was attempting to fly but they pulled onto my legs, so I turned my right hand into a knife and hacked away at them. But once I got home nothing could get in. Well here are the pictures. Enjoy.

Am I a Twee Twit?

My brother claims to have found my doppleganger. Here's an interesting photo: My brother sent this to me, this guy looks almost just like me - when I used to have a full beard and the description fits me a little bit as well. I listen to some indie-rock and have been with the same girl for 8 years and can cry easy ;) Original Link Here " Something Awful " Identification Like a baby bird who has fallen from the nest, a twee twit is simply too soft and gentle for this world. He cannot abide bright colors or harsh materials, so he is usually swaddled in soft, pastel sweaters and corduroy pants. He might have a beard, because shaving is far too scary, and stubble is like sandpaper against his delicate features. He is mumbly and soft-spoken, but he doesn’t mind being unintelligible; he wouldn’t want to impose upon you unduly by putting forward an idea. He’s a cat person. He’s almost too much of a feminist to tolerate the act of sexual intercourse. He’s had the same girlfriend

Intestinal Blues

I've been recovering from an intensinal flu for the past two days and still have a headache from it. I caught it from my daughter who probably got it from swimming at an indoor heated pool in Harrisburg. Hot and cold sweats all night, in fact I'm starting to sweat now sitting here - now I know what a menopausal woman feels like. I got my JVC MP3/WMA CD player installed today, thanks to Carrie for buying it, its pretty cool. I had to drive out in the sticks down a muddy rocky road that tossed my poor irritable bowels around, past several rednecks houses that said KEEP OUT or ELSE! but the guys were nice and got it done in about 30 minutes. Tomorrow I go back to school and I think we practice deep tissue on the gluteals again, although no one better touch my rear unless they want germs. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow, if I don't I'll just have to suffer through it because I can't miss anymore school, I don't need kicked out when I'm getting straight A'

DREAM: A new start?

I could not sleep last night, but eventually passed out around 6am. I have been struggling for some time over issues with my marriage, and just when I felt strongly again it was getting better. All signs pointed to it spiritually and emotionally. One dream I awoke from around 3am when Carrie woke me to show me the snow outside I am pretty sure was a past life experience with her, in which I died, its flashbacks I have had before. The Dream Carrie was somewhat royalty or from a well to do family, upper class, in a European country, the year I saw was around the 1400s, I saw the number 1490 floating in my vision. I was lower class, I am not sure what my profession was but I was among people and teaching them, perhaps I was clergy of some sort. Carrie would stray from the norm of high class life and come out among the people and help them, often bringing baskets of food, clothing, money to the less fortunate, and she seemed to not judge those who were looked at as beggars or 'bane to

The new couch may be more comfier than the bed ;)

Now if Carrie ever asks me to sleep on the couch I might take her up on it. She got the full amount for her tax return in only a matter of hours from sending it in. So we are happy that we will be getting some nice new furniture for the living room. I was cautious about the color at first, but with the warranty and stainguards that's all covered, the stuff should be here by the 24th. Tomorrow the kids and I are going swimming at a health club, that should be pleasant, my nice white hairy body glistening in doors in February. Last night I did not get much sleep, it was one of those nights where it felt like information was being downloaded into my head, on top of that I sware it felt like someone else was in the room, a female entity. There was a smell of perfume that was quite strong, and it is not noticeable now or when I went to bed. So I wonder who it was. About a week ago I had similar thing happen except I was hearing strange tones and music coming out of nowhere. I jus

Tax Return Season

Carrie and I are looking forward to what we hope she will get a nice tax return this year. We have plans for some new furniture which we need badly, our couch looks like hell. She also wants to get me my own used car so I'll be able to travel around and visit friends I don't have or go to school while she has the other one. We have not started directly into deep tissue massage yet, it seems it keeps getting put off, but we get more practice at Swedish. I got probably the best back massage I've ever had today, thanks to Alli ;) I told her I was going to throw her into the trunk of my car, and she could live in my closest, and she could massage me for food. Yet I still got a killer headache after class so I must still have something out of whack or bad body mechanics. I really hope I figure that out soon. If we get a decent refund maybe Carrie will let me get a chiropractic adjustment. I don't have much else to write at the moment and I think Carrie is waiting for