It's Here ;)

Friday the new furniture arrived and is looking good. Everyone was happy and excited. Although Jacob has been a little too excited lately. He ran around Rutter's last night like an idiot when it was packed and spilled some poor lady's coffee. He's up playing at his friend's house this morning so that gives me some time to put some pictures on my blog. Then I gotta get back to cleaning up the kitchen and other things like studying. I have probably the hardest test yet coming up Thursday and need to memorize origins, insertions and actions of muscles, sounds fun eh?

I had a weird dream last night of everything coming alive and chasing people, and me, trees, fences, pets, toys. The mutant sunflowers almost got me though as I made my way up over a fence. I was attempting to fly but they pulled onto my legs, so I turned my right hand into a knife and hacked away at them. But once I got home nothing could get in.

Well here are the pictures. Enjoy.


  1. the room looks beatiful so hope u make the kids keep food and crayons in the kitchen i really like it everything is sooooo nice.
    ps. that is the first time i saw your floor also it looks good


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