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In a previous chapter I introduced my uncle Scott, who I believe was there to help escort my father to the other side when he passed. Uncle Scott was a simple man, enjoyed the simple pleasures of life, music, women, drinking and good times. He had a troubled youth and into adult hood. It seemed his whole life was a battle, but he was always one to smile, crack jokes and always laughing.  One of his hardest battles was drug addiction in later years that almost took his life several times.  He always overcame his problems and faced them head on, and while I know he struggled inside with inner demons, rarely did he make that side of himself shown. Scott worked hard, loved family, and would do anything for friends and family. At the end of his life it seemed he had finally got things right.  He had a home he owned, a good job, a truck and a motorcycle he loved, and while he had no children of his own, was a loving father figure to his girlfriends little girl and thought the world of