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To move on or not?

When I said "moving on" I actually meant I was moving on, waking upmore spiritually, and then when I did so it seemed she regressed.Instead of moving on with me, chose to make choices that were againstthe teachings in the scriptures and LWE. Yea I know I get "thou shallnot judge" but that does not mean the things she did were "ok." Her choices may have been "free will" but they altered everyones lifepaths not just her life path, and while she tried to make a "positive"choice, her choice has brought everyone involved more depression andpain including our children. She herself is in more depression thanwhen we were married. As I say "whatsover choice is good, cometh ofGod and brings Joy, whatsoever is wrong and brings despair is not ofGod. By this is simple way to judge" I have been asked numerous times, why I have not "let her go." Ithink because everytime I try to, something happens that stops me,including interven