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DREAM: Soul Journey

I had an interesting dream the other night. In the dream I went on a soul journey to find answers to my current situations, this was a few days before some of these weird events happened this week. In the dream I left my family to trek up a snowy mountain to find a sacred cave, finally at the top of the mountain I found it. I went through a hallway filled with different records, the first part was ancient but when I got to the end looked futuristic with screens and walls with moving pictures. As I was walking down the hall I was asking for Jesus, when a hispanic man came out and said "Hello I am Jesus (Heyzoos)" I said "haha very funny." I then proceeded on to the center of a room with had a symbol on thefloor of a triangle with three circles around it, like form of star of David. It was there one of my angelic looking spirit guides appeared, with his white robes on, his white hair, his piercing blue eyes. I recognized him right away and called him by name and

Future Telling - Weird Gift

I've been recently experiencing some psychic or mental ability that comes and goes which I am sure everyone at some point in time has had happened and just laughed it off. For example, you said something, and within seconds it was repeated on TV or the radio, you shake it off as coincidence and laugh. It's usually just one or two words. But lately this has been happening to me almost everyday, not just radio and TV, but road signs or even other people talking around me. It's more than one or two words, sometimes its an entire sentence. Last week I was at someones house talking to them about my current situation, that something recent had upset me, and I layed awake in my bed the whole night crying. Within 2 seconds, someone on the Maury Povich show on TV said "I layed awake in my bed the whole night crying." We looked at the TV and both said what the hell? Tonite I was sitting in the car with my brother and was thinking about a dream I had recently, where it se

Somewhere In Time

... well I thought I was moving on but I must have had a mental relapse over the weekend.. but it seemed to be some type of spiritual emotional release.. Either that or I time traveled, lets just say it was a very vivid memory.. As my current situation goes, currently in middle of divorce. This experience I had during sleep, is similar to others I have had over the past year or so, but nothing this intense, every time I thought about it I started crying, in fact almost wrecked in the rain last night I was so overcome with so much grief. 10 years ago. I am pulling up outside her apartment. I just helped her move in a week or so before. I see her look out through the curtain, she is waiting anxiously for me. I have the letter she just wrote me sitting in my passenger seat. She signed it "Your eternal companion." I walk to the door and she opens it up with the biggest smile on her face. I am saying to myself in my mind, "Turn back now, this isn't real.&q

Q & A : Intelligence and Spiritual Evolution

In RESPONSE to a question on a question regarding the Christian or rather Mormon doctrine that those people who are mentally challenged or handicapped, are highly evolved souls who are automatically protected from sin / granted immediate access to heaven etc. =============== I believe most of those doctrines are solely the creation of man to make people feel special, more or less politically correct spirituality. While every soul, and every intelligence, is not judged and the same unto God, to claim they must be highly evolved spiritual beings, because they are mentally challenged is a polite formality for not understanding their purpose in life. True, they may be highly evolved, and chose upon birth to inhabit a body that would have limited mental or physical capacity but for the most part this choice to do so is simply a learning experience for that soul / incarnation, as well most of them do it for karmic reasons / lessons as well. Quite simply in a previous mortality that