Future Telling - Weird Gift

I've been recently experiencing some psychic or mental ability that comes and goes which I am sure everyone at some point in time has had happened and just laughed it off.

For example, you said something, and within seconds it was repeated on TV or the radio, you shake it off as coincidence and laugh. It's usually just one or two words.

But lately this has been happening to me almost everyday, not just radio and TV, but road signs or even other people talking around me. It's more than one or two words, sometimes its an entire sentence.

Last week I was at someones house talking to them about my current situation, that something recent had upset me, and I layed awake in my bed the whole night crying.

Within 2 seconds, someone on the Maury Povich show on TV said "I layed awake in my bed the whole night crying."

We looked at the TV and both said what the hell?

Tonite I was sitting in the car with my brother and was thinking about a dream I had recently, where it seemed I had time traveled in the dream.

Just after I thought the words "Time Travel" my brother turned on a random song on the radio and the singer sang "Time Travel" real slowly. Never heard the song before in my life.

So how this works I am not sure. Is it coincidence, is it psychic. Do radio / TV signals pass through part of our brain faster than it gets to our ears?

Now if I could only see the freaking lottery numbers.


  1. You know, I find "synchronicity" as not "good sign".

    And "lottery numbers" is only "big play" of collective human mind..

  2. The very same thing has been happening to me and I would like to know why? Why is this happening? I will say something and find within seconds it being repeated either on TV or radio! Sometimes, I will find whatever my thought is repeated in an article I happen to be reading and finding this article would be an example of this mystery. I woke up this morning thinking the same thoughts as the blogger mentioned and my last thought was similar - If I can have my thoughts/statements mirrored back to me, then why can't I just say I'm the next $11 million PCH winner & see if that will be mirrored back! LOL. I'm also being attacked by repetitive numbers...doubles, triples...in life and in my dreams -especially the two's...222..I dream in pairs, etc. The number sequence seems to change but I have experienced 11:11, 1:23, 1:11 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 and 9:11...there's more but I will stop here. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?


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