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DREAM: Soul Journey

I had an interesting dream the other night. In the dream I went on a soul journey to find answers to my current situations, this was a few days before some of these weird events happened this week. In the dream I left my family to trek up a snowy mountain to find a sacred cave, finally at the top of the mountain I found it. I went through a hallway filled with different records, the first part was ancient but when I got to the end looked futuristic with screens and walls with moving pictures. As I was walking down the hall I was asking for Jesus, when a hispanic man came out and said "Hello I am Jesus (Heyzoos)" I said "haha very funny." I then proceeded on to the center of a room with had a symbol on thefloor of a triangle with three circles around it, like form of star of David. It was there one of my angelic looking spirit guides appeared, with his white robes on, his white hair, his piercing blue eyes. I recognized him right away and called him by name and