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Photography from walk on Fidalgo Bay

Photography at midnight taken in Anacortes, WA  of the runners statue. Copyright © by Todd J. Jumper aka Toddimus Design. All rights reserved.  My artwork may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published or uploaded in any  way without my written permission. [Visit my Web Site] [Follow on Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram] [Curioos Store] [RedBubble Store]

Weight Loss Journey

I've decided I am going to start blogging my weight loss progress.  I have tried over the past few years and struggled with ups and down, some depression here and there and which caused me to gain weight very quickly within the past 5-6 years. I would say a major contributor to it, was undiagnosed severe sleep apnea, which was not only obstructive but in my brain as well, maybe since I was a child.  A few years back I was starting to pass out and go unconscious during the day.  Around that time I lost some very loved people in my life, my uncle passed suddenly.  My dad then suddenly as well in his sleep.  I had also felt very lonely moving 3000 miles away from my friends back east to be near my kids that my ex wife brought to Washington. I made very hard choices to leave certain people behind and a lot of sacrifice.. when I realized I was not happy.. I started gaining weight, health problems, high blood pressure, tired and sick all the time. Back in April my oldest daughter gra