VISION: The New Trail of Tears

Artwork by Lorna Paquin Last evening I had what can only be explained as a vision. It was not a dream, as I was awake and could still see what was going on before me, it was more within my third eye but could see it with my physical eyes as well / or rather one scene overlapping my natural surroundings, seeing two things at the same time / or perhaps dreaming while awake. Around 2-3 in the morning I woke up to use the rest room, like normally its dark in my bedroom here. As soon as I sat up before my eyes I see a painting about 5 feet wide and 3 feet tall hovering in front of me. Above the painting I see the words "the new Trail of Tears." The painting at times seems alive as colors change, images move. Ok what I see is either the Rocky Mountains or the Cascade mountains in the background. In the foreground I see what appears to look like the mid west, with long wavy grains and smooth hills, along with dry parched desert to the sides. In forefront I see a line of people. These people stretch in a single line fashion from the front right side of the painting to beyond the snow capped mountains in the background. To the left of the mountains I can see what I recognize as the West Coast, there is a large city destroyed, burning as if a severe natural or man made disaster hit it. Fire, broken up ground, parts of city falling into the ocean. The people looked modern day, in the front a woman crying, holding her daughters hand, in the little girls hand a picture of her father, and a doll in her arm. The people were only carrying basic necessities in book bags. People of all races. They appeared to be fleeing the west coast or part of the west and heading toward the mid west. This painting shown in front of my eyes for at least 5 minutes, while I sat in bed, while I got out of bed, while I was using the bathroom as as I layed back down it faded from view. Soon after I saw many other paintings in rapid succession as if flipping across a screen - some going by too fast to see them. One I remember was a beautiful white pyramid behind some pink cherry blossom trees and a river, with a white light coming out of the top of the pyramid.. Not sure what this vision means but the very fact that someone or something was showing this to me while I was awake is quite significant and a possible warning. Todd


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