Locked Out

I was called up last minute to take my son and youngest daughter up to see the Halloween Parade that my oldest daughter would be playing clarinet in. It's a haul. I got to pick up my kids, my ex wife has not even 5 minutes to leave and get to work in the opposite direction. I unlock all the doors, leave the vehicle for 2 second and then suddenly all the doors for no explainable reason lock behind me with keys in the ignition and power running, music blasting... so we miss the parade and sat around the diner we were at for almost an hour.

I wonder why things happen the way they do. If any lesson I learned is to have a spare key on hand located on my person or car, heck maybe I should even make you a spare key. I don't like that its about a 70 mile drive from my place up there... wish I could just hop on over and see kids during the week but don't know if that will happen any time soon

You know that I would do anything for you and the kids and drop what I am doing..

I could rattle off a bunch of complaints but I am not going too..

As we were sitting in the diner sharing french fries, we were talking about all the close calls and car accidents I have almost been in lately, Jacob asked how much money would I get if they ever lost me in a accident, I said, I don't know maybe a million dollars!

Ariel held my hand and looked at me and said, I would not want one dollar of that million dollars, I would only want you back. Made my night worth the trip.



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