POETRY: I sit alone.

I sit alone.
Wanting to be loved.
Wanting to know to whom I belong.
Praying to find the one,
With whom I will grow strong.

Within a dream,
Among fields of green,
A light shines down,
and upon a breeze,
I heard a voice.
"she is the one."

I stand on a hill,
she walks up to me.
Behind her are children,
which I see three.

She takes my hands,
looks in my eyes.
She says "I love you"
Kisses me and I awake to cry.

Within two days I receive a call
out of the blue,
and my heart is full of joy
to hear her voice so true.

I stand with her on a winters night
she grins from ear to ear,
her smile so bright.
We are to have a child
and it feels so right.

Together we stand brought together by faith
tested by time and trials to come.

In the summer I profess my love
and marry her undernearth the mid noon sun.
I watch her by the water, with our little girl.
My heart is full, knowing she is the one.

Later that day. I look above to see a bright light
hovering in the sky. She sees it too..
not knowing an angel watches us..
smiling down with approval.

To us is born another, our son.
Seasons pass and seasons come.
Time and trials have taken its toll,
House work and childcare absorb my time.
My spirit fights hard against the darkness
that struggles to consume me,
to stop who I am.
Whatever has come to trouble my soul?

She looks at me and smiles.
And I know the fight is worth the while.
But I am sleeping awake now,
and she is sleeping alone.

To us comes our third child,
Our little family complete.
But I'm overwhelmed, and my energy deplete.

I watch them grow, while I stay still.
I seek for answers, while she pays the bills.

It's gone on long now, I want to heal,
To sense love again, to touch and feel,
to be happy within and break free of this prison.

One day its too much, her love cries out,
to fix my heart.. to come home.

Something breaks free, while somethign else breaks.
A light begins to crack through the darkness of my mind,
I begin to awake.. her love brought me home.
But it was a little too late.

We struggle and fight,
trying to find a common ground,
only to find we are both different now.

I am alone, again.
Waiting in the dark.
I want her to come home,
we should not be apart...

I can not sleep. I walk and I pace,
I pray for her protection.
I pray she walks in that door,
with that bright smile on her face.
the light in her eyes,
and the warmth of her embrace.
Where did it go?
Which darkness has replaced.

I drive off alone,
I see her standing
with our children three.
Pain in my heart more than any I've known.

Now years later..
I still am alone.
Wanting to know to whom I belong.
Praying for the one to return.
So we can grow strong.


  1. however this piece of art is made I think you ought to learn how to do it on canvas and then put it in an art show with some other pieces. life is rushing by and you are missing your niche...get on it kimosabee lj


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