Movie Reviews

I just got done watching Spanglish, which was a good movie, more of chick flick. Adam Sandler did pretty good for doing a more serious type of role, for some reason he and my brother Tim are starting to look at lot alike, maybe its the chubby baby unshaven face look and the expressions and personallity. A mix of humility and anger at the same time. Although I didn't really like the ending though I understood the reason for it, I was hoping Adam Sandler would go running off with the hot mexican woman but stayed behind with crazy David Duchovny's (Tea Leoni) wife.

Last night I got treated to 2 free movies. My neighbors Mike and Dave took me out to see Fantastic 4 and War of the Worlds.

Both suffered from shallow plots, but War was a lot better. Fantastic Four had good effects but some of the lines were pretty cheesy and the sexual inunendos were not proper seeing how it was aimed toward a young audience. The most focused character was the Thing, who stole most of the movie. And though Dr. Doom had cool powers, his character was flat, his voice was not menancing at all nor did it match his costume, very poor choice of actor to play Dr. Doom. I think it could have been better, but I am sure comic fans and kids will enjoy it.

War of the Worlds, which we snuck into after coming out of the bathroom, was one of those movies my wife hates with something always chasing you or hiding in a dark place while something is looking for you. Not a good movie for kids with the constant senseless killing over and over again, until the aliens just die on their own from drinking our water. I am getting kinda tired of Tom Cruise too, and now they are pushing back the Transformers movie to do another Mission Impossible movie, bleh, 2 sucked.


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