I'm a barefoot comedian that can walk on water.

Remembering a dream I had last night.

First I was late for a meeting. I stepped in some mud and had to remove my shoes. I was in some type of arena. I got hired to be a comedian. I actually stood in front of a small audience and told jokes for a bit. I can not remember everything I said, but people thought I was really funny.

Afterwards I flew out of the building and went off to be alone. Saw a lake and walked arcross on top of the water in my bare feet, doing the Jesus trick. Was fun. Everything looked drab and greyish blue. A temple across the water was empty and dark.

I then saw my wife walking down the street calling to me, and I flew over to meet her and held her hand.

End of Dream
Dream possibly telling me I am getting involved in a situation or with people that may be negative for me and need to wash my feet of them or the situation.

Need to lighten up and not take things so seriously- or others need to lighten up and I have to help them do so.

Feeling independence, starting to recognize the power within myself, realized I am nothing, or life is dull without my wife.


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