DREAM: Dimensional Rift

Last night I dreamed of a world wide dimensional rift, that came in from space or appeared to come in from the sun that swept the whole earth or most of it.

I was standing outside with a group of people, as they were talking about the news of a large mass heading toward earth from the sun. It seemed it was only a matter of minutes until it hit. I looked up into the sky and saw what looked like a large rippling mass of energy coming toward us. It reminded me of the time rift from Star Trek : Generations that took Captain Kirk into another dimension entirely controlled by thought (basically what the 4th dimension is)

People were going into hiding, underground, feeling this would be there only protection if it was something radiocative, storing mass quantities of food and shoving people into caverns and cities.

I also remember we had just been hit by several natural disasters in a row, parts of the planet were flooded, some of the major cities were in ruin or underwater, at least in parts of the cities.

Then the rift hit our atmosphere, and it looked like the sky was being torn in two, the blue sky gave way to what looked like a swirling purple black mass with stars in it. People began to run on the surface while others awaited it with open arms unafraid.

Then it hit, and as soon as it hit I realized it wasn't death, but only taking our bodies into a higher dimension. Suddenly as I am taken into the rift, it was like being covered in water and then catching a new breath. Everything was bright around me, and much more people were on this side of the rift dressed in robes, and other strange clothing.

A voice echoed saying "Fear not, for you are not dead, you have only gone through a dimensional shift, it would be far worse if you choose to stay behind in the old world. You may now come and go as you please into the old and the new earth."

I knew some friends had gone underground in fear and I went back down into the third dimension, realizing that no one had power over me or could kill me. It was chaos down there, people fighting and killing each other for food. Scrambling in fear. I was showing people the way and trying to teach them to pass on through into the higher dimensions.

There was a black watery area which large serpent type creatures swimming around in it, and people were pushing others into that water. Which I understood was only part of the rift. I said "These creatures are only formed from your fears, they are trying to hold you from moving beyond, there is nothing to fear, death is an illusion." To which I walked forward and touched the water and light poured out of it, and I jumped in and again passed through with several more people.

Those who chose to be left behind, I could not convince to move on.

But I eventually found all my friends and family and moved them into the higher dimensions where we had a new home waiting for us.

I was able to save my wife's older two children as I went to their grandmother to get them, and got word that their father and step-mother were arrested, and not allowed to pass through to where we were now living. It was not the house we live in now, but much larger, and it was a very happy reunion.


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