Happy Birthday Katelyn & New Photos

Our daughter Katie, turned 7 on September 2nd. We had a nice party for her on Monday with just about every kid on our street. They had fun and we had a delicious ice cream cake from Bruster's, the best stuff. Strawberry-cheesecake. :) As you see I am enjoying it in the picture.

For more recent pictures go to http://toddjumper.com/photos/

We have plenty of hotdogs and drinks leftover to keep me fed for a month.

I have to head to the doctor today for a physical for school. My impacted wisdom tooth is hurting bad again. I was up for over 2 hours in the middle of the night, and it hurt so bad it was bringing me to tears. It feels like chewing on tin foil and poking your nerve with a needle at the same time, and everytime I tried to ignore it, it just throbbed more. I eventually must have passed out from exhaustion.

Seeing some weird stuff lately. I was sitting here at the computer with my wife 3 evenings ago and saw a white human shaped figure about 3 foot high walk from the stairs into the living room, I thought it was my 3 year old daughter but no one was in the room. Then yesterday something pressed down on my back and made its way down my spine. I asked my wife to check if a large insect was on me, but nothing there.

Well I'm off to go turn and cough. Later.


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