Campbells.. mmm mmm good

Yep that's about all I can eat right now. I had my last two wisdom teeth cut out today. I woke up sick and nauseated this morning. I'm not sure if it was nervousness or just a stomach bug, and as if didn't feel bad enough I had to take a valium on top of that.

So I stumble into the operating chair, about 5 people scurrying around me asking me questions, then the last thing I remember is the doctor saying "Just close your eyes..."

Then I remember seeing a man floating in front of me glowing gold, and he was in indian sitting posistion, reminded me of when Neo saw Seraph for the first time in the Matrix movies. Then I remember standing beside the doctors looking at them operating, asking the nurse to hand him a tool. I thought "Great I died getting my teeth out." But then I am being woken up being asked how I was feeling and it was all over. Could barely talk, as my whole mouth and jaw was numbed and packed, then I remember laying down in another room but don't remember walking there. Then Carrie and the kids came in and I remember mumbling that I loved her and she was laughing at me.

I taught my son 4 year old son Jacob to ride a bike this week. He just came up and said "I want to ride the bike now, I can do it." And I just gave him a push and he took off, not really scared of much. He just needs to learn how to turn without falling over, and getting himself up on the bike without help and he'll be good. He was making me nervous going too fast but he didn't wreck once yet, when he falls down he just growls and gets back up and says "ggrrrrr one more time! I'm gonna do this one more time!" He is very persistent and a fast learner, and needed very little encouragement, while I remember the boy across the street was still learning at 6 years old and his dad just kept yelling at him and belittling the whole time, perhaps thats why the boy is so timid to begin with.

Other than that I am doing well. I wish Carrie would kiss me more but I guess I'm a gross boy ;)



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