Happy Birthday Ariel - I like the new hair ;)

Tomorrow Ariel will be 4 years old, but instead she looks younger. While I was at school yesterday, Ariel found some kid scissors in an art set and cut off big chunks of her wavy hair, which Carrie had to fix. I did not make a big deal out of it since we had all the scissors we knew about put away up high, so kids always seem to find stuff.

Well besides that life altering event. I finished up my swedish full body course this week and start into Deep Tissue Massage already without a break in between. I am still not perfect on the full body yet but I still have straight A's - I got a 91 yesterday on my massage theory test, went out to lunch with all the girls from class and said goodbye to our swedish instructor. Jim is a nice guy and was a good instructor.

I have a mild headache this morning, but the other day I had a whopper - Carrie climbed on my back risking my life or at least my mobility and popped some vertebrae and then pulled my neck into traction, though it was scary, it seemed to actually stop most of the pain. She's doing well lately, though some things still concern me, and the dream I had last night was stressful but not gonna talk about it here.

I need to work on cleaning today, then maybe sit down and figure some business card designs.

Carrie is running around today getting Ariel some Birthday stuff - cake and Ariel will help make the cake, so hope she has fun.



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