Life stinks right now

Current mood: aggravated

I'm sitting up late again with trouble sleeping, and an upset stomach, probably stress. I'll be home all day tomorrow, missing out on a day of school because Carrie has a required important meeting, so I guess I'll take the kids somewhere for a little, and probably take them into school to check if I have any work to pick up.

I really shouldn't miss the gym that much, or at least try to compensate by walking, that really wiped me out today, but I wasn't in the best of moods when I went in.

I just found out the only good friend I had from high school just moved to CA without even letting me know when I was just about to go see him, heck I was even thinking about possibly going up this weekend, as I never got to see his baby or meet his wife. So much for getting back in touch with somebody.

So that leaves me with one good friend, my wife, who is one day happy and the next day totally different, constantly leaving me guessing what's coming next. She officially set up an appointment with the realator today to sell the home, so there's another one of our dreams down the toilet, yea I know it's stressful keeping the house, but everyone I know no matter how much money they have seem stressed lately, I don't think it ever completely goes away no matter how much you try to change your life.

I need some direction, some sign that spirit is still listening - I feel dazed and confused. Sometimes I just want to say screw it, do whatever you want - I'm just gonna go curl up somewhere.


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