Fell at the Fairy Festival

I took my kids to the Fairy Festival south of York today with my mom and grandma. I enjoyed myself for awhile, but my kids did all the fun stuff within the first 20 minutes of being there, and were left with not much left to entertain. While all the fairies and neat costumes were something to look at, eventually you just kept walking in a circle around nothing but people selling stuff, so I was disappointed that it seems to have turned into just a big commercial thing, instead of what I think it was intended for.

It was hot and my mom's boyfriend just kept staring at all the young girl's boobs, not that I didn't notice somethings myself, maybe that's why I fell down. Toward the end there I stepped on this old loose piece of cement, lost my footing and fell hard down on my ass in front of everyone, cutting my right leg up pretty good in the process, bleeding and stinging in the hot sun.

The kids got tired and cranky so I ended up carrying around my 4 year old on my back. I saw a few people I knew there from school but they were too busy massaging to notice me.

I liked the little dance with drums they had there, but nothing else impressed me except some of the costumes.

There were 2-3 Amish men outside protesting with picket signs with scripture verses saying all these people were evil and going to hell for believing in fairies. Sorry Amish people, last time I checked we are all already in hell, and these people aren't hurting anyone, just having fun in fact if anything they were teaching to love one another, respect each other and the earth, with no swaring, no nudity and no weapons, so why don't you just join in the fun or go back to your all deaf/mute/brain damaged kid community resulting from years of brainwashing and interbreeding among your own families, and while your at it clean up all that litter your horses leave all over the roads, at least those people were cleaning up after themselves.

I got home and Katie thought it was funny to keep kicking me in my wound. I told her to stop hurting my freshly open cuts. She's lucky I'm not a mean daddy or I would kick her butt.


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