3 days in a freaking row now I have had migraines, and no fun trying to study for my next big test. The circulatory system, respiratory system, muscles that work on the forearm and wrists and muscles of the face, is that enough crap or what?

I started a MySpace.com blog too, will see if it helps me connect to people better, already got two people contact me within an hour of getting it online, an old neighbor from Lake Meade and an old friend Bob Ricci who does song parodies like Weird Al, Carrie thinks his voice is too whiny though but he's funny.

You can go to myspace on the links to the right if you care.

Still struggling each day with personal issues, and lately my son has been pooping himself everyday, maybe I should just go work in a nursing home, since cleaning up crap seems to be an everyday occurance, we need to get the poor guy to the doctor, he starts school at the end of summer.

Nothing much else new to report lately. It's very nice outside. I could use some money, anyone need a massage?


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