They finally did it.

The conspiracy buffs have been talking about this for years, the funny thing is that people in the medical field were scoffing them and now they are doing it; and on top of that even admit its used for tracking.

This is nothing new under the sun, been doing it since the 70s on human guinea pigs (under the guise of UFO abduction) , yea it was used in Dogs, but how they know it will work on humans unless they've been trying it already.

For years Dr. Leir has been removing implants from abductees. Amazingly enough check out the recent photo from VeriChip's website compared to the images taken from people who claim to been abducted.VeriChip's photo of their chip (small rice sized tube with red hue inside)

Now heres a link to pictures that are years old taken of chips taken from humans. Remember this is supposedly only supposed to be used in Dogs, so either way aliens or not, some illegal testing is going on.

Went to the dentist yesterday for two more fillings, two shots of novacaine and my cheek really hurts. The pains inside my head were not dental related, and I still show no signs of sinus congestion so will talk to my medical doctor today about it.


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