I'm back ;)

Sorry I missed writing in my blog for a few days. I was really feeling out of it for about a week, and had to leave school early on Tuesday from extreme fatigue and head pain. But I did a lot better today and got a 94 on my quiz, and forced myself to socialize more ;) actually ate lunch with people outside for a change.

I forgot to get pics of the kids in their halloween costumes but I could probably just dress them up tomorrow and get a pic online. Jacob was an M&M, Ariel was a pack of LifeSavers and Katelyn was an alligator. Simple but cute costumes.

I am glad their candy is just about gone because they were more nuts than usual.

We gave Tom away or perhaps I already wrote that, but we kept the kitten we called Nemo. Nemo is more of a lap cat and is the only cat I have met in years that does not run from me. He climbs up my back and crawls onto my lap or plays on my keyboard as I'm trying to type.

I stubbed one of my little toes so bad last night, its all swollen and dark purple now and had a hard time walking on it earlier.

I accidently got drunk off my butt the other night on my father-in-laws home made wine. I woke up on the floor around midnite then woke up again around 3am, not sure how I got on the couch, but the kitten woke me up with knocking the lamp over. Only had 2 glasses of it- guess I just am too sensitive. Carrie thought it was funny though.

Poor Carrie is stressed out and has a bad cold, hope she gets better soon.

I may have to get a part time job soon, as bills are tight and I have to come up with a payment for school immediately or I will not be allowed back by the 10th. Figures, I just had some money from selling my comics books but it went to other things, I can't believe I forgot about the payment. I don't know if I will be able to handle a part time job and school at the same time, among other things, but if it must be done it must be done, just hope it is not something I hate too much. I really hate getting paid less than what my time and or intelligence is worth.



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