DREAMS: What do Bees, Corn and Jesus have in common?

I am feeling ill today with bowel pain, nausea and headache and did not get much sleep last night, dispite taking some sleep-aid pills to help me rest. I'll be staying home from school today, so I will have to catch up on what theory I missed over the weekend.

When I did sleep I had a couple dreams, each different.

The dream I had most recently after going back to bed this morning.

Carrie, I and the kids were going to eat at a cookout under a pavilion somewhere. I don't think I really knew much of the people, but I think Carrie did. We were getting ready to eat, and they were cooking corn on the cob on the grill. Carrie smiled and said she would pick up both out a nice big cob. She brought me one, and it had to be one of the largest ears of corn I have seen, not ridiculously huge but big.

I husked the corn and it looked bright and yellow, except when I turned it over there was a big hole in the center, brown and decaying. Carrie said "They can just cook that anyhow, kill the germs and then cut it out." The corn started to vibrate and I saw something crawling out of the hole. To which then I dropped the ear of corn and it broke into two equal pieces right at the hole and all these little bees / or yellow jackets started pouring out. Not normal size, but half the size or smaller than regular yellow jackets and they stung the feet of Ariel, so I went to move the corn and got stung on the hand. The bees didn't seem realistic but more like an energy.

At first Carrie thought it was funny but then apologized for picking out the bad ear of corn.

I then dreamed I was sleeping or lying in a bed in a basement, messy blankets. It looked like my basement in Kreamer where I lived as a child. I was in bed sick like in real life (suffering from bowel pain) The kids were out in the den watching "Who framed Roger Rabbit" because they wanted to see Toontown.

Carrie came in the room and asked me how I was feeling and sat down on the bed with me, and was stroking my hair and could tell I did not want to talk to her. She said I am sorry for everything you are going through, anything I can do to make it better? I said, just lay with me until I fall back to sleep. Which she did, and layed there and smiled at me until I awoke again in real life.

During the night I could not sleep, tossed and turned and kept waking up feeling like someone was in the room, or other times just waking up and being alone in bed bothered me. Then I had to keep going up to the bathroom - stumbling back to bed in pain with my underwear on backwards. I fell asleep praying and then remember dreaming about coming downstairs to find Jesus sitting at our kitchen table. He was sitting there smiling and invited me to sit down.

I did not say anything but he knew what was on my mind and mostly spoke telepathically to me. He said "You are loved Todd, remember that I am always here. Remember that you have control."

I was struggling with a question to which he seemed to already have the answer. And he said "No, what you are going through was not exactly part of your life path, but it can be made right if you have faith, you need to be strong and believing, for you were healed the night I came to you and said "There you are Enoch." But Carrie must also find herself, and realize the eternal bond she made to you and the effect it will have if this is taken lightly. I do not judge, for I know both your hearts, for we are one. When one makes a promise of love to another above and below it affects all things, and know that we are working at helping both to feel better and find the right path. I ask you to remember to pray over all things, even little things, out in your heart and mind if they be right, before things are done or said, because no matter how you feel something may be wrong, you will get nowhere acting against another's free will, but if you act out of Love, pure unconditional Love you will receive the same in return. You understand that, even though it can hurt, but if you learn how to do this, you will create a bond you did not have before. As you have been shown infedelity is anything done against an act of Love, or a soul agreement made out of love with another, and does not constitute just an act of intimacy. You feel your eternal marriage has been threatened by such, and in some ways it has, but you need to not allow anger, or sadness take you over, the only way that can be changed is by Loving the person and the situation, and to understand how your companion feels. You are being led to greater things, and with growth come change and with change comes growth. Do not see it as a step backward but as another oppurtunity to Love and Expand your awareness. All things shall make themselves right in the end."

He seemed hesitant to go any further, but I trust he knows what he is talking about. But was this dream really him or something in myself talking to me. I awoke and again could not get back to sleep, and felt sick again.


These busy creatures are a forerunner of great good fortune in business matters, even if they stung you. However, if they were dead, listless, or you killed them, you could suffer a loss by putting too much trust in friends. If you heard the bees buzzing, expect good news. Dreaming about bees stinging you means that your house, or car, etc will be broken into or robbed. Bees are messengers and warnings of such dishonest things.

These busy creatures are a forerunner of great good fortune in business matters, even if they stung you. However, if they were dead, listless, or you killed them, you could suffer a loss by putting too much trust in friends. If you heard the bees buzzing, expect good news.

Seeing bees in your dream is much the same as the beehive with a small variation: Bees are a lucky dream and augers much good to the dreamer in all his endeavors, unless, the bees sting the dreamer in which case bad luck may dog your steps for a while. If you dream of being stung by a bee, a group of people is making you uncomfortable in real life.

To see corn in your dream, signifies abundance, growth and fertility. Also consider the pun that something is "corny". If you dream of eating corn, you will have much happiness with your friends and good luck in romance. To dream of husking corn also suggests pleasure and success in many areas of your life.

To dream that you are in the bedroom signifies aspects of yourself that you keep private. It also represents feelings and behavior regarding your intimate relationships.
-A messy bed represents a difficult relationship.


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