Crappy Cold

Yes its that time of year for hacking and snorting and gagging on your own body fluids ;P Bleh.

I have three days here to study, study and study for my next big test which covers 5 chapters of Anatomy, sounds fun don't it? I am actually starting to learn the material but missing 17 out of 50 on a quiz isn't that great. I have to start my anatomy coloring book too but its worth the extra 5 points on my test.

I did some energy work at school yesterday which was really cool, most of it I have known how to do for awhile, but it was neat to see everyone opening up to see and work with our energy, that I usually keep to myself. I could see white and pink/purple around the one teacher's aid, who really is posistive about herself and open, while the other instructor who always feels akward in front of people has a more tight glow with greyish blue emanating from it.

I partnered up with a friend in class and worked on imagining 'pulling' and 'pushing' with energy from our hands "Chi" She could really feel the energy flowing through me but I did not sense it as strong, though I could see in my mind's eye her energy.

I've been having up and down days, the other day I was full of good vibes, and saw the same in Carrie, then I was feeling sick and tired and Carrie seemed withdrawn- so sometimes it seems our moods affect the other.

Other than that things are going ok. I hope this cold clears up soon. I watched the price is right today and liked this t-shirt this woman had on. It said "Having an out of money experience" Wish I had one of those ;) Need to figure a way to get some more spending cash. The flow is slow right now.

I'm listening to Faith No More right now, keeping my spirits up. Remember to smile no matter what and you will see it affect those around you ;) And then it will affect yourself.



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